PUBG Mobile has introduced a new rare skin for the king of sniper guns in this game, AWM. It's Mauve Avenger. The rare gun skin is available to get in Lucky Spin event lasting from July 25th to August 14th. Here are things you need to know about this rare gun skin and a detailed guide on how to upgrade it to the maximum level.

Legendary Skin AWM Mauve Avenger At The Maximum Level

The new rare AWM skin Mauve Avenger has been introduced on July 25th in the Lucky Spin. Tencent even made a teaser video for this rare skin. Mauve Avenger has an impressive and cool look with light neon purple color. Moreover, you can also upgrade this skin in the lab to get further effects. This skin can be obtained from the Lucky Spin which you have to pay UC to play.

Mauve Avenger Awm Lucky Spin
Mauve Avenger AWM Can Be Obtained From The Lucky Spin

The chance to get this Legendary Item is only 3.1%. So, you need to spend a significant sum of UC to get this skin. When the Luck reaches 200, you will get level-1Mauve Avenger skin. Apart from that PUBG Mobile players can get some exclusive rewards, such as Painkiller Parachute skin, Neon Beats Set, and Urban Walker Set, etc.

The Chance To Get This Legendary Skin Is Limited
The Chance To Get This Legendary Skin Is Limited

The rare Mauve Avenger AWM skin can be upgraded in the Workshop to get more effects, such as Kill Effect, Advance Form, Kill Message, Firearm Ornament, Final Form, and Loot Crate. Besides, you also need a lot of paints and materials to upgrade the skin. For example, the fantastic Final Form will cost you 80 cans of paint and 6 materials.

Mauve Avenger
Mauve Avenger Kill Effect

It's easy to get materials and paint from the Lucky Spin or Shop. So, upgrade Mauve Avenger AWM Skin once you get it. This amazing legendary weapon skin will make you look cool on the battleground. Then, you need to go to the inventory and activate this skin to use it when you get the AWM from the airdrop.