PUBG Mobile is the most amazing, realistic, and fantastic battle royale game in the world. And one of the main targets of players in this game is to make more kills to increase the K/D ratio. These are the most amazing tips and tricks to get more kills in every match.

Head To The Hot-Drop Locations

The first tip to make more kills in PUBG Mobile is heading to the hot-drop locations on the map. There are many hot-drop places on each map where you will encounter many enemy squads. On Erangel, you can choose to and on Pochinki and Military Base. Los Leones, Pecado, and Hacienda Del Patron are the three most crowded places.

Hot Drop Location Pochinki
Pochinki is always crowded

If you play on the map Sanhok, you should land on Bootcamp and Paradise Resort to get some kills at the beginning of the match. In addition, Villa, Dobro Mesto, and Volnova are three hot-drop locations in Vikendi. Besides, players on the new map Livik are prone to the central area. So, some abandoned loot spots in the center of this map, such as Midstein, Power Plant, and Gronhus are the most ideal landing places to get more kills.

Challenge Enemies In The World Voice Chat On Plane

Next, you can open the world voice chat when you are on the plane to challenge others. The world voice chat feature of PUBG Mobile lets you communicate with other players in the place. But once you jump out of the plane, you cannot use it. So, open the world mic and challenge right after you are on the plane to make sure that more enemies can hear you.

Call More Players To Land On The Same Place
Challange enemies to land with you in hot-drop locations

Have A Good Teamwork

Having good teamwork is very important to win enemy squads in any combat. If you want to make more kills in PUBG Mobile, you should play as a tanker in your team. But don't leave your team and go solo in squad matches or you will die soon without getting any kill. It's one of the deadliest mistakes in this game.

Play As A Tanker
Play As A Tanker

If you have a good role assignment and perform good teamwork, you can survive for longer and kill more enemies. It makes no sense if you can knock down the enemies but cannot confirm kills. So, teamwork is very important.

Fire Like A Bot

It's a nice way to cheat and entice enemies to get more easy kills. You may think that it's a stupid tip. But sometimes, you can cheat many players when imitating bot fire. Bots will not spray bullets. So, you should switch to the single firing mode and tap like a bot.

Cheat Enemies
Cheat enemies with bot fire

A lot of players will be attracted by your sound and fall into your traps. Moreover, PUBG Mobile bots often use ARs to fire.