PUBG Mobile Vikendi is a snowy map with unique terrain and landscape. Here are the best gun combinations that you should know to get Chicken Dinner every match you play.

M16A4 & UMP45

Vikendi is a small map with a 4x4 size. So, you will need a gun combo that covers both short and medium-range combat. UMP45 is a stable and popular SMG that you can easily find and control. This gun has a high rate of fire and low recoil. It's effective in close-quarter engagements. You should attach a red dot or 2x scope for better aiming in close combat.

Ump45 And M16a4
UMP45 And M16A4

Besides, M14A6 is a versatile assault rifle that can cover medium and long-range combat. It uses 5.56mm and produces great damage per hit. This gun offers two firing modes, including single and burst. You can attach a 4x scope to engage in medium combat and 6x scope to eliminate the enemies with distance.

Mini-14 & M416

M416 is a very versatile gun that can cover both short and medium-range combat. Moreover, if you attach a 6x scope to this gun, you can still shoot down an enemy in long-range combat. But you should switch to single firing mode and tap to shoot to reduce the gun recoil. But you will engage in short and medium-range combat most of the time on this map. So, a versatile and stable gun like M416 must be the best choice for you.

Vikendi M416 And Mini 14
M416 And Mini-14

Mini-14 is one of the best semi-sniper guns in PUBG Mobile. It can deal with dong-range combat. Moreover, you can attach a 4x, 6x, or 8x scope to kill the enemy with distance easily. This DMR is very stable, balanced, and powerful. Another advantage of this combo is that you have to find one kind of bullet because both these guns use 5.56 ammo.

UZI and M416

You can grab a UZI for close-quarter engagements on this map. This SMG is stable and very powerful in close combat. UZI has a very high firing rate while it has a very low recoil rate. That's why this gun is most highly-recommended weapon for beginners.

Uzi And M416
UZI And M416

Attach a red dot to aim better with this powerful SMG. Moreover, you can attach an SMG suppressor to reduce the noise of this gun and avoid unveiling your position. The combination of UZI and M416 will help you win all close and medium combat in Vikendi.