PUBG Mobile introduced an exclusive map called Livik. This amazing map has the feature of four previous maps and some exclusive guns and a new vehicle. So, you will need a unique strategy and weapon combo to get Chicken Dinner on this new map. Check out these best gun combinations for all game modes on PUBG Mobile Livik here.

AKM & DP-28 For Solo Matches

Livik is much smaller than other maps. Most of the time, you have to engage in short and medium-range combat. So, a powerful assault rifle and a DMR will be the best gun combo for solo matches on this map. You should grab an AKM which is one of the strongest ARs in this game. This AR produces huge damage and a high firing rate.

Pubg Mobile New Livik Map
You need a good gun combo to conquer this new map

If you can control the gun control of AKM, you can eliminate all the enemies in short and medium-range combat. DP-28 is a decent DRM that has a big ammo mag of 51 bullets. Moreover, this 7.62-ammo gun has very low recoil, especially in the prone pose. It can be a beast in medium combat on this map.

Dp 28 On Livik Map
DP-28 On Livik Map

M416 & S12K For Duo Matches

M146 is a versatile 5.56 gun that can cover both short and medium-range combat. On this small map, such a versatile assault rifle is a better choice than a sniper rifle. You can spray bullets in close-quarter combat or burst in medium-range engagements with a 4x or 6x scope.

M416 In Duo Matches
M416 In Duo Matches

S12K is a powerful shotgun for one shot one kill in close range combat. On such a small map like Livik, a lot of players prefer to grab a shotgun to kill enemies more quickly.

M416 & AKM For Squad Matches

This can be an exclusive weapon combo on this map. Not many players use a combo of two ARs on larger maps like Erangel and Miramar. But on this very small map, you should take an M416 for medium combat and an AKM for close-quarter engagements. M416 will be very useful in Livik while AKM is a beast in short-range combat. With this gun combination, you can eliminate all enemies and get Chicken Dinner.

M416 Is A Versatile Weapon
This can be a decent gun combo for squad matches