PUBG Mobile exclusive map Livik has arrived yesterday, July 7th, 2020. The map also comes with a limited event titled Livik Adventure. It’s live between July 7th and 21st, 2020. Here are things you need to know about this exciting limited event.

PUBG Mobile Livik Adventure Event Full Details

PUBG Mobile launched the exclusive map Livik in the latest 0.19.0 update arriving yesterday. This map brings a new gameplay and gaming experience to players. Moreover, the game publisher also introduces a time-limited event called Livik Adventure. It takes place from July 7th to 21st. You can collect many exclusive items, such as the Black Commandor bundle, crate coupon scraps, UC vouchers, BP cards, RP Mission cards, and a lot of AG coins.

Pubg Mobile Livik Adventure
PUBG Mobile Livik Adventure Event Center

The map Livik is divided into 6 areas, from A to F. Each of these areas has 3 missions for you to complete every day, including a personal mission and two shared missions. Once you complete all these missions, you can claim the rewards. The Black Commander bundle includes an outfit set and a headgear. You can check out the missions of each region by tapping on the letter of that region. You can also claim rewards there.

Livik Adventure Black Commander
Black Commander Set

Each mission gives you a reward. After completing all three region missions, you get a set of additional rewards. Next, to check out the additional rewards of each region, you tap on the crate next to the letter. The personal mission reward is BP while the shared mission reward is AG. The additional rewards vary, including a time-limited Black Commandor set.

When you invite your friends to play on the map Livik with you, their mission progress is shared with you in the shared mission section. However, you have to complete your personal mission by yourself.

Pubg Mobile Livik Map
Play game with friends on the map Livik and complete missions