PUBG Mobile offers players many types of weapons, such as melee, AR, SMG, DRM, Sniper, etc. Among them, SMG and AR are the two most popular and favorite weapons. In this tense shooting-for-survival game, players prefer the weapons that let them spray bullets. SMGs and ARs are two types of those weapons with that feature. However, which weapon genre is better in this game? Let’s compare.

About Assault Rifles (ARs)

There are many assault rifles in PUBG Mobile, such as M416, AKM, Beryl M762, SCAR-L, Groza, AUG A3, QBZ, G36C, Mk47, and M16A4. These ARs use 5.56 or 7.62 ammo. Apart from M16A4 and Mk47, the rest of these assault rifles lets you spray bullets in combat with very high firing rates.

Pubg Mobile Groza
Groza is the strongest assault rifle in this game

However, the most favorite feature that makes players prefer these guns is their flexibility. These weapons are designed for medium-range combat. So, these weapons are very powerful in both short and medium-range combat.

Assault Rifle
Full list of ARs in PUBG Mobile

Moreover, you sometimes can attach a 6x scope to the most stable gun in this game, M416, to spray bullet in long-range engagements. Although the damage drops significantly, pro players can still get a kill with distance with this combo.

About Submachine Guns (SMGs)

While ARs are designed for medium-range engagements, SMGs are the weapons for short-range combat. There are many SMGs in PUBG Mobile, such as UZI, ump45, Vector, Thompson SMG, Bizon, and MP5K. These SMGs use 9mm or 45 ACP bullets. These weapons also produce very high firing rates and are most powerful in short-range combat.

Uzi Has Very Low Recoil
UZI is the most favorite SMG in PUBG Mobile due to low gun recoil and a very high firing rate

However, the bullet drop mechanism in this game makes SMGs weak in medium-range engagements and useless in long-range combat. The most favorite feature of this weapon genre is the low recoil rate. SMGs are known as the most stable and easy-to-control weapons in this game. That’s why these weapons are also highly recommended for beginners.

In conclusion, ARs are the better choice for pro players who can control gun recoil well. Meanwhile, beginners had better engage in close combat with an SMG.