PUBG Mobile silver fragments can be used to redeem many fashion items, bundles, and more. For example, you can buy many permanent outfits, weapon skins, and backpack skins. You can also buy classic and premium scrap coupons. Check out some ways to get free silver fragments here with 

Open Crates

The first way to get the silver fragments for free is by opening the crates. You can easily get the silver fragments when opening the Supply, Premium, and Classic crates. You can collect crate coupons or crate coupon scraps to combine and get the coupons. Then, use these coupons to open the crates and get up to 100 silver coins per time.

Pubg Mobile Silver Coins Crates
Collect Silver Coins From Crates

Reach Higher Tiers

Players also get a lot of silver fragments as tier rewards when reaching a higher tier in PUBG Mobile. In specific, you get up to 2000 silver fragments then reaching the highest tier in this game. Here are the numbers of silver fragments you can get at different tiers in this game.

  • Bronze: 200 Silver Coins.
  • Silver: 400 Silver Coins.
  • Gold: 600 Silver Coins.
  • Platinum: 800 Silver Coins.
  • Diamond: 1000 Silver Coins.
  • Crown: 1300 Silver Coins.
  • Ace: 1600 Silver Coins.
  • Conqueror: 2000 Silver Coins.

Because the number of silver coins you can get in this way is highest, you should try to rank up fast and get tier rewards.

Purchase In BP Shop

Another easy way to get silver fragments in this game is by purchasing with BP coins. However, you can only buy 25 silver coins per day. Each silver fragments costs you 200 BP coins. So, you need to pay 5000 BP for a total of 25 silver coins. BP is pretty easy to earn in PUBG Mobile, so don't hesitate to pay BP to get silver fragments.

Buy Silver Fragments With Bp
Buy Silver Fragments With BP

Then, you can go to the Redeem shop to buy a lot of things, such as gun skins, outfits, footwear, and a lot of fashion items.

Pubg Mobile Redeem Shop
You can use silver coins to buy a lot of items in Redeem Shop