PUBG Mobile players are waiting for the next update 0.19.0 with a lot of new amazing features, including the new Livik Map. Recently, the game publisher also announced the exact release date of this map on the official Twitter account. Check it out here.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map To Come Next Week

The highly-awaited new map titled Livik is coming soon. As announced, the new update 0.19.0 is going to be released on July 7th, 2020. It will bring a lot of new features, including an exclusive map. As usual, PUBG will introduce a new map on the PC version of this game before launching it in PUBG Mobile. But this time, the developers of PUBG and Tencent made an exclusive map for PUBG Mobile only.

Pubg Mobile Announced The Release Date of Livik
PUBG Mobile Announced The Release Date of Livik Map On Twitter

After revealing the release date of the next update version 0.19.0, PUBG Mobile continued to amaze gamers by leaking the release date of the new map. According to a Tweet of PUBG Mobile on the official Twitter, the new map is coming on July 7th. It means that you can experience this exclusive map right on the release date of the new update.

Livik Map
It will be released on July 7th, 2020

There are many other additions in this upcoming update. Thus, the size of this update is possibly large. So, you need to make sure that your phone has enough free space capacity to download this package of 0.19.0 update. The coming of Livik map will definitely bring more exciting gaming experiences to PUBG Mobile players. It will be the smallest map with a size of 2x2km.

Livik Exclusive Map
This is an exclusive map for PUBG Mobile only

Moreover, this exclusive map also features exclusive weapons and vehicles. There are two new guns you can only find on this map, including MK12 and SPAS-12. In addition, the developers also add a new all-terrain vehicle, known as Monster Truck, to this map. That's why a lot of players are looking forward to playing on Livik soon.