PUBG Mobile’s 0.19.0 update is almost here, along with the Season 14 patch. While there are a lot of new additions to the game, nothing beats the Livik map in hype. People have been anticipating this for quite a while now, ever since it was revealed in beta as the “Secret” map.

5060476 Cover Livik Map
This is the first exclusive map of PUBG Mobile that's not a part of the original PUBG

Since the announcement of Livik, not much information was let out. However, looks like the developers have decided to change that- they leaked more info about some of the features in an interview. In this article, we would elaborate more about the upcoming release of Livik and its various new features.

1 – Livik’s Size

New Map Pubgm 1 1 Copy 1024x1007
The play area of Livik is much smaller, with locations pretty much next to each other

Livik is a lot smaller than the usual PUBG Map, ensures faster-paced battle and action-packed matches. It is probably the shortest map yet, with matches expected to be only 15 minutes long. This is best for players who would like to shuffle between the game and their daily tasks. Now, with Livik, you can catch some BR gameplay while on the go and still able to complete the map before arriving at the destination.

2 – Design of the map

This map was inspired by the Nordic region. The dev team was really surprised about the ever-changing landscape on their scouting trip and decided to replicate all of that onto Livik. This map has some of the most unique landmarks and terrains, never before seen in a PUBG Mobile map.

The waterfalls can actually wash away players who are in the water

Running water is actually dangerous now – players can be washed away by the rapid flow of water while standing on top of a waterfall. The presence of natural elements like the waterfalls and hot springs add a decent unique “Surprise” element onto the game, especially in an already action-packed design.

3 – New Weapons

The two new guns, P90 Submachine Gun and MK12 burst sniper rifle would serve as attractive alternate options for players at close and medium range respectively. The MK12 is super easy to use – it might be time for new players who barely ever used a sniper rifle to try them out. The P90 is a decent alternative for any other SMGs – its high clip and rapid firing ability is definitely something to be reckoned with.

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