PUBG Mobile's first exclusive map, Livik, has finally been released. There are a lot of new features unique to this map - from the diverse terrain, small 2x2 size, 52 players limit, 15 minutes/match... and more. Additionally, there are even unique vehicles like the Monster Truck or special "Super Firearm Training" weapons that are upgrades of the usual guns in PUBG. While this map has only been released for less than a day, people have already picked out some of the most advantageous locations to land on.

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The island of Livik - Waterfall, Bloomster and Hot Spring are the most beautiful sites

In this guide, we would list out the top 5 best spots for landing on this island. Due to the small size of Livik, landing in the middle of the island would not give any advantage, unlike in the usual PUBG Mobile.

1 - Power Plant

The Power Plant on Livik

This is the location in which high tier gears would often spawn on this map. If you want to get your hand on a level 3 armor and good ARs right away, this spot has the highest potential. However, due to the fact that most of the loots are inside one big building, you might have to fight for them. After clearing out the location, you can get away with the vehicle spawned outside.

2 - Midstein

Inside of a building in Midstein

With the maps being small, might as well land on the biggest town possible on the map. Midstein is filled with buildings and loot, with compounds upon compounds next to each other. After clearing out one, you could easily dash for the next. Just be careful about ambushes, as people often hide on the second floor of buildings. The best comparison for this town is probably Pochinki from Erangel.

3 - Hot Spring

Landing on Hotspring

A pretty straightforward location. All the loots are on the floors of the structures in the area without any walls between them. You can just run through and loot everything in record speed. The lack of walls, however, exposes you to gunfire from other people who are trying to land onto the area. Prepare for a fight as soon as you land.

4 - Holdhus

Driving a monster truck through Holdhus

A storage factory - Holdhus is just as big of an area as Midstein. The same rule of looting apply - however, the location is split in two with a road - be careful when crossing it as there are no covers.

5 - Aqueduct

Some people consider the aqueduct a secret

A small, "secret" area that is actually filled with loot. If you managed to land here first, a great start is pretty much guaranteed. Just be careful about other people who might come after you from the top of the hole, as they would have the vantage point to shoot.

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