The 8x Scope is the most powerful sight attachment in PUBG Mobile – only weapons with the longest range in-game would be able to make use of it. The responsiveness when the 8x scope is used is also pretty low – most people prefer using the 4x and 6x instead.

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PUBG's ability to carry 2 main weapons make snipers a lot easier to use

In this article, we would talk about the 8x Scope in PUBG Mobile and the best guns to use it on.

1 – About the 8x Scope

This scope is probably one of the most ignored items in the game, as most players usually just ignore it or they don’t already have a Sniper Rifle. With the item takes up 20 capacity in your backpack, it is rather a waste to lug around.

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The 8x scope in PUBG Mobile

The 8x scope also gets weaker as the match progress. In the late game when the circles close down further, all fights become close-ranged, which makes something like a sniper rifle become useless. The advantage of carrying this scope is that you get to see the farthest possible distance – you can use it to scout out areas of the map that might have campers.

2 – Best guns to use with the 8x Scope


The Kar98k

The most commonly used Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile – the Kar98k is just as strong as other snipers if you can score headshots reliably. And the easiest way to boost your chance of getting a headshot is having the 8x scope, of course.

Due to its rarity being common, the Kar98k is not nearly as strong as the other sniper rifles in body shots – if the enemy moves after getting shot, it is pretty likely that they would escape.


The Mini14

The Mini14 is one of the longer-range DMR – it is actually pretty good when used in conjunction with an 8x Scope due to its high initial bullet speed and low bullet drop. The range stat of the Mini14 is 75, just about the right distance for the 8x to work.

Overall, as long as you can control the recoil, downing people using body shots would be easy.


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The M24

The second strongest Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile – it can ignore level 2 helmets on headshots. Outside of its headshot modifier, however, the M24 is pretty unremarkable – it is just slightly better than the common Kar98k at body shots.

Because of that, scoring headshots using the 8x scope is crucial. The M24 uses the 7.62mm ammo that’s not really hard to find – you would be able to spam it easily.


Pubg Mobile Diem Danh Nhung Mon Vu Khi Co The Lam

You probably can talk about long-range weapons without mentioning the strongest weapon in PUBG Mobile, the AWM. This weapon has the highest headshot multiplier in the game – it ignores the level 3 helmet for an instant kill.

The gun also uses the unique 300magnum ammo – it pretty much can’t be found as drops. These two factors combined force players who are using the gun to score headshots. And in order to get headshots reliably, you must use the 8x scope.

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