PUBG Mobile has a new map Livik in both rank and unranked Classic Modes. It's also the smallest map with a total size of 2x2km and 52 players in each match. This new map brings totally new gameplay with a higher pace of combat. Moreover, the totally new places and terrains also make PUBG Mobile players get confused with the new gameplay. So, you need new tips and tricks to get Chicken Dinner on this new map. Check out 5 amazing tips to win more on PUBG Mobile Livik map here.

The Best Jumping Distance

The first tip you need to know is the ideal jumping distance on this map. In other maps, you should jump when it's about 700 - 800m away from the marked location. But in the map Livik, you have to jump at the distance of 400m and head down to the mark at full speed to land faster.

Jumping Distance On Livik
Ideal Jumping Distance On Livik Is 400m

Land On The Central Spots On The Map

A match on the map Livik only lasts 15 minutes. So, the play zone shrinks very quickly. If you land on the edge of the map, you have to spend most of the time rushing into the safe zone. Then, you have less chance to loot weapons and supplies. Moreover, it's risky to get into the safe zone with low HP lost by the electric zone.

Land On The Center
Land On The Center

Avoid Getting To Airdrops

On such a small map, it's really risky to get the airdrops because you can be spotted easily and get shoot from many directions. Instead, your squad can use the airdrop as a bait to get more kills.

Dont Rush For The Airdrop
Don't Rush For The Airdrop

Use UAZ Instead Of Monster Truck

Monster Truck is an exclusive on this PUBG Mobile new map. It has high tires and runs pretty slowly. Moreover, you cannot use this truck as a cover in combat. In contrast, UAZ is safer and more helpful. It has high speed and a cover to protect you from enemies' bullets.

Monster Truck Is Not Safe
Monster Truck Is Not Safe

Avoid Using Vehicles

The match on this map is always tense, and you are advised to avoid using the vehicle. It can reveal your position. If you land on the center of the map, you can easily get to the safe zone on foot. So, don't ride or drive if unnecessary.