The secret place in PUBG Mobile Vikendi map has a lot of amazing loots. Moreover, there are many tips to choose the right place to land in PUBG Mobile Vikendi. Choosing a good landing spot is a key element to have a good start and preparation to get Chicken Dinner. Check out the top hidden places in Vikendi PUBG Mobile here with

Secret Place In PUBG Mobile Vikendi

Each map in PUBG Mobile has some hidden places where players can find a lot of decent loots. There is a secret cave on the Vikendi map in PUBG Mobile which you cannot find the entrance like other places. Not many PUBG Mobile players know where the cave is located and how to enter the cave. Actually, that secret location in PUBG Mobile Vikendi is located between Peshkova and Podvosto, two large looting places on this map.

Where Is The Secret Place In Pubg Mobile Vikendi
Where Is The Secret Place In Pubg Mobile Vikendi

The entrance of the cave is covered by a thick layer of ice and snow. So, it's pretty hard to find out the entrance of the cave. When you cross a frozen river with a vehicle or on foot, you will reach a small iced hill. It's recommended to travel by car because you will need the vehicle to break the rock covering the entrance of the cave. Or else, you can use a frag grenade to destroy the rock and enter the secret cave.

Then, you will find an underground tunnel with a lot of wooden crates and supplies. You also find a lot of empty airdrop crates here. The decent supplies are spawned on the ground and crates in the tunnel. There are a lot of good loots in this cave, such as Kar98k, M24, M416, Beryl M762, level-2, and level-3 helmets and military vets, 6x scope, etc. If you notice some footprints on around the entrance of the cave, be careful because some enemies may camp inside the cave.

Hidden Places In Vikendi PUBG Mobile

There are some other little-known and underestimated places that are rich and safe to have a good start. These are the best place to start your match with enough decent loots. You can also get some easy kills here after getting enough weapons and supplies. You can meet some bots to warm up for the match.


This is the first secret place in PUBG Mobile Vikendi. It's located on a small island in a large lake. This is a big looting location on this map. Castle is a good place to start with enough supplies for a team squad. It also has enough good cover to defend and attack. So, if you master the skill and the routes in this place, you can easily eliminate enemies and occupy this spot.

Vikendi Castle
Castle is a good place to start with enough supplies for a team squad.


This spot is strange to many PUBG Mobile players. A lot of players will ignore this small town and head to Dobro Mesto and Krichas nearby it. This place is located close to the hottest drop locations on this map. So, you can land here, loot weapons, supplies, and camp to kill the enemies passing by this town.

A lot of players will ignore this small town and head to Dobro Mesto and Krichas nearby it.


The next place for a good start is Cosmodrome, a pretty safe location that most of the players often ignore. However, you may be unaware that this place is full of good loots. Moreover, you can find at least one flaregun in this ruin frequently. The structure of this destroyed factory is also good for defending. Once you occupy this place, you will have a good start in that match.

Cosmodrome is a pretty safe location


The Winery is another secret place in PUBG Mobile Vikendi. It's located in the southernmost area of this map. It's often ignored due to its remote location. PUBG Mobile players do not prefer this place because they think it does not have many good supplies to loot. However, this abundant wine factory is full of decent weapons and level-2 helmets and vets. Sometimes, you can also find a level-3 helmet, bag, and military vet here.

Lumber Yard

Many players may feel strange with this name. But it's really located on this map. It's an open small looting place lying isolatedly from hot-drop locations. So, it's a good starting place on this map. You can make some easy kills when encountering many bots here.

Best Tips To Conquer PUBG Mobile Vikendi

To get more Chicken Dinner when playing on this snowy map, you need to pocket these tips and tricks.

  • SMGs and ARs are the best weapons for this map. Vikendi is a small map with lots of snow mountains and forests. This map is full of close-quarter combat. If you want to use an SR, you need to occupy higher locations.
  • If you want to evade from early combat right after landing on the battleground, use a snowmobile. This vehicle runs faster than cars.
Pubg Mobile Snowmobile
PUBG Mobile Snowmobile is a good vehicle to use on this map
  • The first playing zone on this map is smaller than that on other maps. Therefore, a lot of players will have to rush into the safe zone. Then, you can camp nearby the white circle to get easy kills when they pass by.
  • Leave the graphic settings at a low level to spot the snipers prone on the grassland. If you leave the graphics quality high and play this game with the most detailed map, you cannot spot some 'snakes' on the grassland.

Those are things you need to know about the secret place in PUBG Mobile Vikendi. To update the latest PUBG mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.