The Indian PUBG Mobile community has been going crazy over the news that PUBG Mobile might be among the next banned apps in India. PUBG Mobile is currently the biggest games in India with an active esports scene, a huge community with many people are making a living out of it. While it is not 100% that PUBG Mobile will be banned, PUBG Mobile is owned by the Chinese gaming company Tencent, making the possibility is high.

Responding to this news, PUBG Mobile has made its move to adjust their privacy policy to make it no longer the target. In the last ban of 59 apps in India, the reason was that these apps were "engaged in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order."

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PUBG Mobile notify players about the policy changes

Indian PUBG Mobile players will receive a notification from PUBG Mobile announcing about their policy changes when they open the game. The four key highlights of these changes are:

  • Third-party companies are "prohibited from retaining, using, or disclosing your personal information for any purpose other than providing us with their services in support of the Game Services."
  • All related group companies within the Tencent corporate may only use your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.
  • Tencent will corporate with the government should they are required to give any information to prevent fraud and protect the users.
  • If a third-party company acquires a part of PUBG Mobile, they will also have to comply with the privacy policy.

Does this mean PUBG Mobile will not get banned?

PUBG Mobile has changed its policy to fit the requirement of the Indian government of security so it is likely that PUBG Mobile will no longer be a target. With these changes, even if PUBG Mobile gets banned in India, they can totally file a complaint to open it back because it doesn't violate anything.

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Stop worrying and start playing some PUBG Mobile matches

There is currently no news from the government about the next ban wave yet so we will still have to wait until then to see if PUBG Mobile will get banned or not. In the meanwhile, you should relax and enjoy some PUBG Mobile games.

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