PUBG Mobile does not allow players to use third-party applications and tools when playing this game. Are game boosters are allowed in this game? Here are things you should know about the anti-cheat rule of PUBG Mobile to avoid getting a ban.

Are Game Boosters Allowed In PUBG Mobile?

There are a lot of game boosters with different functions in the market now. Some of them help improve the performance of your smartphone and let you play the game better. They help clear the background storage and optimize RAM. Some other boosters such as in-built GFX tools even interfere with the game setting.

Pubg Mobile With Gfx
GFX tools help improve the graphics quality

According to the anti-cheat rule of PUBG Mobile, you can use the game boosters that do not interfere with the game app. If that tool causes no change to the game file, it's allowed to use. In contrast, you are not allowed to use the boosters that cause any change to the game file and app. For example, if you use GFX tools, you will get a life-time ban and lose your account.

Game Booster
The game boosters that make changes in the game file are not allowed

To fix lag when playing PUBG Mobile, you should turn off unnecessary apps instead. It will help free the RAM space and make the PUBG Mobile app run smoothly. In addition, you should turn off the auto-sync feature to save more space for the game data.

There are many ways to fix lag without using game boosters

Another tip is changing the server. There are more real players in the Asia server, so you are more likely to experience the game lag problem. However, if you switch to play in the Europe server, you may encounter fewer real players. So, you will feel that the game runs more smoothly. Besides, don't recharge the battery while playing PUBG Mobile because it may also cause lag.