If you haven’t heard the news, the Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass is coming to the live servers on August 1st, 2020. But for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on the Pass, the developers have put it up for pre-ordering. It’s called “Sushi Menace” and will come with exclusive bundles as its predecessors. 

ob23 update
Join Free Fire OB23 update right now!

The male bundle is named “Sashimi Slasher”, while the female is called “Ramen Slayer”. If you pre-order the past now for 999 Diamonds, you will get an extra reward - the Oni Mask. This will guarantee you a spot among the very first ones to lay hands on the new season pass. 

How to Pre-Order Season 27 Elite Pass

The Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass can be pre-ordered from the in-game store. You will have two options: buying the Subscription or spending Diamonds, as always. 

Sushi Menace 2
"Sushi Menace" is the name of the Season 27 Pass

These are the steps to purchase Season 27 Elite Pass:

  • Open the Free Fire app on your device
  • Visit the in-game store (Access from the left bar on the main lobby)
  • Click on the “Sushi Menace” banner
  • Spend 999 Diamonds and confirm your purchase
  • In case you prefer the Subscription option, you will have to pay $8.99 (INR 673) per season
elite pass season 27 rewards
The new pass will bring tons of rewards

Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass Pre-Order Bonus Rewards

As mentioned above, upon pre-ordering the Season 7 Elite Pass, you will receive bonus rewards once it’s live. No matter which way you buy it, either with Diamonds or Subscription.  However, the rewards for each method will vary. 

Season 27 Elite Pass Spending Diamonds Rewards

  • Access to Season 27 Elite Pass Rewards (worth 10,000 Diamonds)
  • Unlock Elite Challenges 
  • Daily gold limit increases by 100
  • The KillFeed will display your nickname in Glorious Red
  • Unlock “Ramen Slayer Bundle” immediately, plus 50 badges
  • Get “Oni Mask”
elite pass season 27 pre order rewards
Get bonus rewards for pre-ordering Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass

Season 27 Elite Pass Subscription Rewards

  • Unlock each Season Elite Passes as soon as they launch
  • Get the pre-order reward for each season launch
  • Acquire 50 badges immediately
  • Unlock all Elite Rewards access and Elite Challenge
  • Get all the Elite Pass exclusive rewards!
elite pass season 27 tomorrow
The Pass drops tomorrow