XM8 vs SCAR, which assault rifle gun is better in Free Fire? XM8 is a new AR gun in Free Fire which is pretty similar to the legendary AR gun: SCAR. However, these two weapons still have many differences. Today, let’s do a comparison between XM8 vs SCAR Free Fire to choose a better gun for you. Check it out here with Gurugamer.com.

1. XM8 Vs SCAR: Similarities

XM8 is an AR gun that has been added to Free Fire recently to increase the diversity of AR weapons in this game. It’s pretty similar to other existing AR guns in this battle royale game, such as SCAR, M4A1, and AK-47. It’s better in medium and long-range combats.

Free Fire Xm8
Free Fire has introduced a new assault rifle gun called XM8. It's a powerful, stable, and accurate weapon.

Both XM8 and SCAR use AR ammo and cause great damage to the enemies. As assault rifle guns, these two weapons have a pretty high firing rate and great effective range. You can use these flexible weapons in close combat to medium and long-range combat with the support of a scope.

Free Fire Scar
SCAR is a legendary assault rifle gun in Free Fire. It's easy to use, balanced, and very strong.

Moreover, both XM8 and SCAR have some basic attachment slots such as muzzle, mag, and silencer. These two guns are most effective in the medium range. In short, XM8 and SCAR are pretty similar to some extent. Now, let’s compare to figure out some significant differences between XM8 vs SCAR Free Fire.

2. XM8 Vs SCAR: Differences

The new AR gun, XM8, still has many differences in comparison with SCAR. Check it out below.

Damage & Firing Rate

XM8 Free Fire has greater damage than the long-serving AR gun SCAR. The damage of this new AR gun is 57 points, larger than the damage of SCAR with 53 points. In a weapon test, XM8 needs 17 bullets to destroy a car while SCAR needs 18 bullets. The gap is not very large but XM8 still surpasses SCAR in this round.

Free Fire Has Introduced Xm8
The new AR gun has greater damage but SCAR has a higher firing rate. Both these guns are powerful.

However, SCAR has a greater rate of firing than XM8 (61 points for SCAR and 60 points for XM8). So, the damage per second of these two guns is not very different. But in short, XM8 is a little more powerful than SCAR. Therefore, XM8 soon became a massively favorite AR gun in Free Fire when it has come to this game recently. A lot of players don’t hesitate to pay for it in the Ranked Clash Squad game.

XM8 Vs SCAR: Ammo Load & Attachment

Without an extended mag, XM8 only has 25 bullets per load while SCAR has 30 bullets per load. So, SCAR wins this round. With an extended mag, SCAR can hold up to 45 bullets and XM8 holds 37 bullets. Both these guns have an attachment slot for mag, muzzle, and silencer. However, the new AR gun XM8 does not have attachment slots for foregrip and scope. Instead, it has a fixed 2x scope. Meanwhile, SCAR has two more slots for scope and foregrip.

Scar Has Bigger Ammo Load
SCAR Has Bigger Ammo Load Capacity And More Attachment Slots Than XM8. You cannot attach the foregrip and scope to the new gun XM8.

XM8 Vs SCAR Free Fire: Reload Speed & Accuracy

Both XM8 and SCAR are stable and accurate. However, XM8 has a higher accuracy point than SCAR. SCAR is known as a balanced, stable, and easy-to-use AR gun for beginners. Therefore, it has been one of the most favorite weapons in this game for a long time. When XM8 gun came to Free Fire, it seems to become the most accurate weapon in this game. Moreover, SCAR has a faster speed of reloading. It means that you can get the advantage over your enemies when both your gun and his gun run out of ammo.

Xm8 Is Accurate
XM8 has greater accuracy than SCAR, especially when you use the attached 2x scope.

Pros And Cons Of XM8

XM8 has the greatest damage among AR guns. Its damage is even bigger when you shoot with the attached scope on this gun. As this gun comes with a fixed 2x scope, you don’t need to look for a scope. However, this gun still has some disadvantages. For example, it’s less inaccurate when you shoot without using a scope. Besides, you cannot attach other scopes to XM8.

Free Fire Xm8 Stats
XM8 has the greatest damage among AR guns. And it comes with an attached 2x scope.

Pros And Cons Of SCAR

SCAR has the greatest reload speed and firing rate among Free Fire weapons. Unlike XM8, SCAR has great damage when you shoot without a scope. However, it’s less accurate, especially in long-range combat. This gun is most suitable in the close and medium range.

Free Fire Scar Stats
SCAR has the greatest reload speed and firing rate. among Free Fire AR weapons It's still one of the most favorite guns in this game.

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3. How To Get New Weapon Royale Abyssal XM8?

Weapon Royale Abyssal XM8 is a decent gun skin available in the Luck Royale Spin. This gun skin does not only look cool but it also improves the stats of this AR gun in damage and range. It boosts the damage of XM8 a lot, making this powerful gun much stronger. However, the ammo load capacity reduces. To receive the Abyssal skin from the lucky spin, you need to use Weapon Royale cards to spin. Each spin costs you a Weapon Royale card. But if you choose to use 10 cards, you get eleven spins and a higher chance fo getting this rare item.

These are some significant similarities and differences we can figure out when comparing XM8 vs SCAR. In short, these two AR guns are powerful, stable, and most effective in the medium range. But XM8 is more accurate while SCAR has a greater firing rate and reload speed. To update the latest Free Fire game news and more tips and tricks for Free Fire players, let's visit our website.