Clash Squad is one of the most prominent game modes in Free Fire in recent times. Garena has definitely noticed this and has been making several updates for several years, which has been making improvements to what has become one of the permanent game modes. We are lucky again this time, as one of the fans' favorite mode in the game will make it to the brand new Kalahari map as part of the May updates.

Free Fire Clash Squad is one of the newer game modes, but already a mainstay for FF devotees

In the April update, Clash Squad came to the Qualifying Matches, but things did not stop there, because, from May 7, a new series of improvements will come to that favorite 4v4 game mode of Free Fire fans.

First and foremost, Clash Squad will be playable on the Kalahari map in casual games. And, although it will not be for Qualifiers, said improvement will come in the next update of the game. Garena said the following in their recent tweet:

For those who can't read the tweet itself, here's what it says:

Clash Squad is coming to Kalahari (Casual Mode) starting on the 7th May 2020!
There will also be a minor weapon price adjustment and changes to the play zone damage.
Stay tuned and await the 7th of May for the update. Free #FreeFire #IndiaKaBattleRoyale #Booyah

- Free Fire India Official (@IndiaFreeFire) May 4, 2020

In addition, there will be a series of adjustments to the weapon values that can be found in the Clash Squad Store, as well as the damage that the zone will cause when shrinking in Clash Squad, two of the characteristics that the Survivors asked for will be included in said game mode.

Clash Squad is a favorite mode for fans of the Battle Royale game by Garena, so adding this to the Kalahari map is very welcoming indeed. It shows Garena has been listening to fans' requests and implements changes that go with the requests. Let's hope our requests continue to be heard in the future.

As we mentioned, these characteristics can be seen reflected in the Free Fire Clash Squad mode from May 7. So stay alert and start experiencing a better Clash Squad experience starting tomorrow. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at