In the April update, Free Fire received the Clash Squad mode, already known to the crowd, in the ranked version. Unlike classic matches, Clash Squad Ranked is affected by the number of wins and losses. This means that the more booyahs, the higher the rank.

Since the CS rank is individual, that is, it is not affected by the player's rank in classic mode, it is necessary to start from scratch - from bronze - before reaching Heroic. To help people who want to move up the rank or simply understand Clash Squad better, we have made a small guide consisted of many tips so you can do well and help out your squad.

1. Spend your money well

In CS you make purchases at the beginning of each round. In order to ensure that resources and protection are not lacking, it is necessary to think carefully before spending your money. Talk to your squadmates, choose the weapons you're used to and don't forget to guarantee healing, gloo and ammo.

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Spending your money wisely is the first step towards victory

In the Kapella Patch, the Clash Squad Store has been updated. This time, the pricings have been worked out in a manner which makes it difficult for players to carry both a short-range and a long-range gun, simultaneously, right off the start. The XM8 and M1014 are now costlier than what they were previously. The Kar98k now comes pre attached with the Biometric Scope.

There’s a new throwable available; Smoke Grenades! Priced at $300. Each player can only carry one of these grenades every round. We’ll take more about its use in the next topic. Considering, the tight pricings, it’s really important to have a clear mind on what to buy and whether to save some money for the next rounds or not.

2. Communication in Free Fire is essential

If in a Battle Royale match, it is already very important to talk to the squad to guarantee the best strategy, in CS constant communication can be the key to victory. There are only eight players during the game, on a very small map. This means that everything happens very fast, and listening to the right calls for teammates is very necessary to guarantee booyah.

3. Watch out for corners and sides

There are two usual types of players in Clash Squad: rushers and ambushers. In CS, there aren't many spots where you can hide, but you can still find a good cover and wait for enemies to appear. So move your camera around a lot to make sure you have a pretty good view of all the corners around you. Often enemies will be on your back or right in your face, so double your attention!

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Remember to watch your surroundings when in Clash Squad

4. Be careful when looting

The map is small and the game is fast, so those seconds to loot the downed enemy can turn into a deadly moment. If necessary, make sure there is no one around and ask a companion to cover while picking up items from the floor.

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Looting is essential to winning any Free Fire match, but be extra careful in Clash Squad

5. Use and abuse the gloo wall

If in a common match the gloo is already a great savior, in Clash Squad it is essential. Use the gloo wall to close areas, deceive opponents and protect yourself while waiting for teammates to reach the same spot as you are. Using this item well can help (and a lot) when it comes to targeting enemies and taking a few seconds to think about the next strategy.

Gloo is a great temporary stopgap measure to stay safe

6. Choose wisely which Free Fire character and pet to use

Characters and pets have special abilities that help a lot during confrontations. In Clash Squad these functions can be even more useful, as resources are limited and any extra help is welcome. Give preference to character + pet combos that have to do with healing or extra damage, two extremely important points in the CS mode to ensure victory.

7. Take advantage of heights

It is possible to climb various structures on the map, so use this higher ground advantage to surprise enemies from angles they don't expect. Just don't forget that they can do the same thing to you, so climb up carefully and make sure that no one else is on the prowl.

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Having the high ground is not only tactically advantageous, but also morally more righteous

8. Try to stay with a full squad

The squad is not always in the mood to play together, but in CS the strength in number is necessary. Even if the player manages to pull it off solo while being paired with three other players, it sometimes happens that the game starts without a full squad. The disadvantage of having just one player less can be a huge difference at the time of heated combat, so to avoid this risk, try to start the game with the whole squad.

9. Kills are important, but don't lose focus

To get to Heroic it is necessary to win many matches, so prioritize winning, even if you lose a few kills on the way. There's no point killing too much and losing them all, right? So create good strategies to find a good balance between eliminating enemies and still win without problems.

Clash squad rank mode এ booyah challenge // Clash squad rank mode ...
Remember that the task is getting booyah, not as many kills as possible

10. All for one and one for all

Don’t act recklessly. Respect your teammates’ determination and eagerness to win. Don’t rush too much, especially if the rest of the squad isn’t their to beck you up. Don’t depend entirely on your teammates. Prioritize reviving your teammates over looting and spraying when the odds are already against your team winning.

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Your teammates are the ones that hold the key to victory, so cherish and fight alongside them

Don’t lose sanity or get carried away too much in the heat of the moment. Follow the strategies your team comes up with. Though, there are substantial precedents for players not to follow the team plan sometimes and edge your way towards the glory of being a true Hero!

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