One of the most famous game modes in Free Fire is the 'Rush Hour' mode. In short, it means playing aggressively and taking the initiative to fight, focusing on the number of kills. Risky but rewarding in points, playing in a true rushing style may even send you back to the lobby more often, but if you master it, you will be able to do well in several important moments like reaching safe areas.

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Rush Hour mode is about getting what you want as quickly as possible, and not dying

We have come up with five essential tips for you to master this style of play and help with your journey for "Booyah!". After all, you need to master several game styles in order to rank high in Free Fire ranks.

1 - Not everything is about rushing, even in Free Fire Rush Hour

The main mistake of those who want to play in the "rush hour" mode is to think that the search for kills starts in the first second of the game. Without a weapon, or being at a numerical disadvantage, in the case of squad matches, some players go after opponents but end up being shot and frustrated.

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Rush Hour is not always about rushing, but rushing when you have what you need

In the first few minutes, it is still important to look for loot, even in more populated places. Have at least one weapon that matches this style of play before you go crazy after your opponents. If you get a vest or helmet, even better, since every advantage is important at this stage of the game.

In other stages of the game it is also important to know how to measure aggressiveness. If your health is low, try to heal yourself instead of chasing kills. If the zone is closing and the time is too short to reach the safe area, abandon your pursuits and focus on staying alive. After the zone closes, don't even think about taking a risk to kill a lost enemy out there.

2 - Choose the right weapon

There is no point in wanting to play Free Fire in a "rushing" style if you are equipped with a sniper rifle. For this strategy, your goal is to take enemies out of comfort zones and take the initiative in combat, preferably ending the confrontation in seconds so as not to be shot down by other players who are nearby.

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Choosing the right kind of weapon for your style is the most important thing in Rush Hour

The loot is what should define your style of play. The MP40 and SMGs in general are great choices for playing in this style, as they can quickly unload on the enemies and do a lot of damage. Another good choice is shotguns, for the massive damage they can generate with a single shot. Just remember, in that case, you need to hit your target so you don't die while reloading. Some assault rifles with high rate of fire or damage are also useful, such as the AK-47.

In addition to knowing what is the best arsenal for your style of play, you need to know what your weapon skills are and how to control each weapon. Train hard until you master them and look for the weapons you play best with.

3 - Finding an ideal location

If your style of play is "ambushing", you need fewer items to start combat and need to be an expert in fast close-quarters combat. With that in mind, it makes no sense to fall on the ski slope and exchange shots from a distance with your short-range weapons. Jump somewhere with corridors, houses and among other players so you can send them to the lobby.

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If you want to be an ambusher it's more important to find the right spot
Keep in mind that knowing the location and having a well-defined loot path is essential to doing well. Over time, you'll know where enemies usually go, where you have a chance to get the best weapons and the paths that put you at an advantage against enemies.

4 - Don't neglect your grenades

As you probably know, the other players would know when you are playing aggressively. Your weapon and the way you move will make it clear that you are after blood. Those who enjoy more security and play hide and seek will defend themselves or increase the distance of combat, often using houses and other buildings on the map. This is where your most important item, the grenade, comes in.

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Grenades are very useful for forcing your enemies out in the open and speeding up the game

Since you don't have time to lose and you don't have the right weapon to exchange shots from a distance, abuse the grenades to force your opponent to move. If the enemy hides behind a box, grenade it. Inside a house? Fire in the hole. Whenever possible, use your explosives to create opportunity and spaces to shorten distances.

5 - Choosing the right Free Fire character helps

Each Free Fire character has their own abilities, and together with items and weapons they can help you refine your play style and win matches. To play in the "rush hour" mode, there are characters that are more recommended than others and are more worth the investment of their diamonds.

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A character like Kelly is excellent for a "rushing" style thanks to her speed

Kelly, for example, is a great option because of her speed bonus, which can be used to move quickly and surprise enemies. Hayato is also a great choice to win one-on-one matches due to his armor piercing. Healing characters can also work well with this "rushing" style, as you will always need to regain life after close combat with direct striking.

Incorporate these tips into your game, train hard, watch professional players playing in your favorite style and your long-awaited victory will surely arrive. The important thing is keep going until "Booyah!" happens.

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