Like any competitive game, Free Fire requires time to master the mechanics and also to catch up with the game's tricks, tricks that only time and experience can bring. Many of the mistakes of the player that is starting are silly and can be avoided with tips from those who have been playing for some time.

free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes
Check out these 7 mistakes and see if you make any of them often

In this guide, we have provided efficient and fundamental tips for those who are just starting out on Free Fire or have been in the game for a while but still now knowing what they are doing wrong. Check out the tips, apply them to your game and see if you will start to improve.

1 - Forgetting items before entering the match

It all starts in the lobby, even before departure. Pay attention to your character, analyze the pet you are using and what are the items chosen in the Goods section. It is very common to forget these details and only notice during the match, when it would be too late.

2 - Rushing in the first minutes of a Free Fire game

It is one thing to "play hard", but it's another to run away without knowing what to do. Newcomers to the genre often confuse the rhythm of a Battle Royale with that of classic shooting games. As soon as they jump off the plane and find the first pistol, they run towards the unknown in search of enemies. The result is a trip back to the lobby in a matter of minutes.

free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes to Become the Top Player | BlueStacks
Rushing without assessing your situations is suicidal

Your focus at the start of a Free Fire game should be to get a certain amount of decent equipment to gain an advantage in combat. In populated places, where everyone will get weapons that are at least regular, your obligation is to get a good weapon and some protection before fighting. Only start shooting or get into trouble as soon as you have an advantage, be it position or equipment.

You should always make these mental calculations: How are the opponents? Am I in the lead? Do I dominate that location on the map? If the answers give you confidence, go for it.

3 - Running from Free Fire combat all the time

At the same time, being too cautious and always falling off the map will deprive you of learning the most important thing in the game: shooting. Throughout Free Fire or other BR games, you will find the same tip: "It is best to hide and pick the best places". While this advice works, you will rarely be first and will get frustrated, picking up a lot more equipment then dying in the first shootout.

free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes
But you should not turtle around for too long either

The tip here is to fall in line with other players to learn how to fight. After securing yourself in most matches, it's time to look for a route that reinforces your style of play and favors your loot without playing the result for luck.

4 - Running while equipped with a weapon

When moving around the map, veteran players have the biggest advantage over newcomers. A basic example is running with the weapon equipped - which makes you slower and heavier. A veteran, when shot in the open, tries to identify where the shot came from and decides whether it is better to run or fight.

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Weapons are cool to look at but put them away in an actual match

If the answer is to run, he keeps his gun on his back to gain speed in the run. The novice usually tries to shoot in any direction and dies, or runs with the gun in his hand, becoming slow and easy to hit.

Another common mistake is to misuse vehicles. Vehicles make a lot of noise and give away their position. They are necessary on long drives or to escape quickly from an unfavorable start. The novice's mistake is getting excited about cars, motorbikes and jeeps, taking the first one that appears and becoming an easy target.

free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes - Gameplay only kill (PART-2 ...
Don't get picked off while looking "cool"

Always move as quickly as possible and in the direction of a location that gives you an advantage. Whoever wins in Battle Royale is the one who creates the most advantages for you and your group.

5 - Looting those who just died

Killing the first enemy is an indescribable sensation for the beginner in Free Fire. As soon as he sees the box that the opponent left on the ground, the joy that infected him makes him run to retrieve his prizes, and the result is he eats a lot of lead from other enemies in the area.

Best place for looting but high risk -free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes
Patience always has a way of rewarding you

Whenever you start shooting, the shots will bring people around to take advantage of what's left. When you stop to collect the items of players you just killed, you will be vulnerable and exposed, easy prey for anyone passing by.

Before doing the loot, always look around, try to heal and get the items as quickly as possible. To do this, keep in mind what you need to become stronger. A common mistake when looting downed opponents is to wonder if his weapon is better than yours, whether or not it takes more ammo. Decide on what you want quickly and leave as soon as possible.

6 - Running straight to the Airdrop

Occasionally, Airdrop will land very close to your location. The certainty of rare items and better protection will be an almost unbearable temptation, but in order not to die you will have to hold back.

Bulan Oktober, Dekorasi Halloween di Map free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes
Running straight at airdrops is a common mistake since few of us can resist the lure

Airdrops emit strong yellow flare and upwards, visible to everyone on the map. It is almost a trap that will reward the smartest. Getting the loot is good and important, but you'll have to fight for it.

Be aware now when you notice the drop descending by parachute. Players generally run towards the drop looking at the sky. If you are at a high point, look for enemies, otherwise look for a high point.

Pemula Wajib Tahu, 5 Kesalahan Fatal yang free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes
Airdrops or not you'd need to make quick decision like with any other situation

If you are the first to arrive you will have to make the difficult decision: if you are going to loot, do it quickly; if you decide to wait for enemies to get easy kills, position yourself well and shoot accurately. Whatever your decision, do it consciously and calmly, always keeping in mind what is around.

7 - Forgetting the grenades

Finally, remember to use the grenades! Many people collect several grenades and end up not using them or even remembering that they exist. They are very important to remove enemies from their comfort zone and create extra space for yourself.

free fire tips tricks 7 mistakes *ONLY GRENADES MODE IN CUSTOM MATCH* EPIC PLAYERS ...
Don't forget to use nades and give yourself more tactical advantages

One of the tips here, too, is to edit the controls on the screen to make the grenade indicator larger and in the center of the screen. In all phases of the game and especially in the final zones,using grenades in tight spaces will mean greater possibility of victory.

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