Free Fire Online Playing – After officially released on December 4, 2017, for iOS and Android (operating system), Free Fire soon became a hot action-adventure mobile game. Along with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale, Free Fire is a fantastic online electronic game in which players fight and try to survive until the end of the game to be the winner. This guide of will give you some useful tactics to become Free Fire best player.

Don't Open the Parachute Soon

After jumping from the plane, you will see a button of the parachute on the screen. Don't touch it soon. Opening your parachute soon makes you land later than your enemies. It means you will are at risk of being fired after landing or even when you're still in the air. Everything you need to do is wait for your parachute to automatically open. It's the ideal time to open your parachute so that you land on the proper time for loot and fight.

Let Parachute Open Automatically
Let Parachute Open Automatically

Run After Landing

After landing, you need to run to find weapons, armor, and other supplies. Don't join any combat at this time since you haven't been ready for a fight. Cities are hazardous because there are so many combats here. So, you should land on small residents, mill, a nameless island where you can loot freely. However, you still have to stay alert with some enemies. After getting ready for combat, you can enter cities for better supplies. That's how a Free Fire pro player play! These Free Fire tricks and tips will help you play like a pro and enjoy your Free Fire game online play.

Best Vehicle in Free Fire Online Playing: Your Foot

Unless you have to rush to enter a safe zone or play in squad mode, don't use vehicles. It makes so much noise that you can attract others' attention and unveil your position. It can make you get in trouble with free fire unknown players everywhere. They can hide behind trees, in a house, or block and shoot you. And a solo player cannot shoot back when he is driving, that's the rule. After getting off the car or motorbike, escape the area as fast as possible.

Run Dont Drive
Run, Don't Drive

Armor First, Gun Second

The tip is finding a weapon and an armor right after you land on the ground. Some players tend to find a gun and join combat right away. However, armor and helmet sometimes are more important because it protects you from fire. With armor and helmet, you can stay alive when being shot and evade to find a gun. Try to find a helmet first to avoid headshots. Then, find armor and a weapon quickly, which are vital for the Free Fire play game online

Use Headphones

Using headphones help you notice the sound of enemies and their positions. It let you hear enemies' footsteps in short distance, or the location of shooting sound, etc. This device is also essential for chatting with teammates. Also, your enemies can hear you, so don't move fast and make big sounds and let other players know you are here. However, if someone uses a Free Fire online hack tool in this game, you can never hide even when you stay still and keep quiet. 

Keep Your Eyes on Mini-Maps

A Free Fire pro player usually checks the mini-maps to know where the enemies are shooting. When an enemy shoots at you or near you, his location will appear on the mini-maps. In the same way, others can know where you are when you fire. However, you can put a silencer in your gun to reduce the noise and hide your location and avoid attracting the enemy from a distance. 

Keep Checking Mini-Map On The Top Left Corner Of The Screen
Keep Checking Mini-Map On The Top Left Corner Of The Screen

When you play Free Fire on your mobile phone, the mini-map appears on the top left corner on the screen. It's the same in Free fire game online play jio phone. 

Use Grenade Wisely to Make Kills

In Free Fire online playing, players can use a grenade to clear other teams when they gather in high places or a house. It can also save you when you are surrounded. Moreover, you can use it to cause damage to enemies hiding behind trees. However, unlike other weapons, your grenade can kill your teammates. Therefore, use this weapon wisely and adequately to kills the right players.

Teamwork is Better than Solo Squad

Don't leave your team to go solo in Squad games, or you will be surrounded and killed by other teams. Your teammates cannot cover you on time if you move too far from them. Work in groups and coordinate when you compete with teams to cover in combats and support other members when they get hit by bullets. If you go solo in squad mode, your team will get a disadvantage in combating with other teams. And possibly, you cannot survive long in this Free Fire online playing game

Free Fire Squad Includes Four Members
Free Fire Squad Includes Four Members

Free Fire Online Playing Tips: Apply Weapon Skins

Many players may think that weapon skins only make it look more attractive and fancy. However, if you are pro tips in playing Free Fire, you will know that those skins increase the damage, accuracy, and ammo capability of your weapons. Therefore, don't hesitate to use gems to buy skins and upgrade it. A powerful gun increases your chance of survival and winning the game. A powerful combo of weapons will be good preparation before joining the game and getting ready for Free Fire game online play now

These are some tips to be pro in Free Fire online playing. With these tips and tricks, you will get closer to be a free fire best player and win every battle.

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