It doesn't matter if you are an experienced player trying to get Master in the new Free Fire season, or a newcomer who has just started playing: Adjusting Garena's Battle Royale game settings is critical to improving your results.

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Getting the max out of your game requires tweaking your game right

Free Fire offers many other settings and options which you could tweak to make sure your game is as optimal for gameplay as possible, but this particular guide focuses on the three most important, namely the aiming options, sensitivity and graphics.

Options such as crosshairs, sensitivity and graphics are the most important, and we will talk about them today. If you want to do well in Free Fire, check out our setup tips.

Aim Precision - Free Fire

To enter the settings, just tap the gear in the upper right corner of your screen. Your first stop is on the controls tab. Here you will have several options that go according to your personal taste, such as making the parachute open automatically or if the vehicles will be controlled with one or two hands. Depending on your background with Battle Royale games, adjust these options to be more like what you're used to.

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Getting 'booyah' requires the best aiming style for your game

The most important option here is the one that defines how you will aim for the game and the aid you will receive automatically. While there are a few hints of personal taste, there are also advantages and disadvantages you will have to accept.

Default aiming: This form of targeting is used in some regions even by professionals. Using this mode is simple: whenever you aim at an enemy, it will help you to aim at his body.

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The aiming options can be described as Easy to Hard from left to right

The clear disadvantage is the impossibility of being able to shoot the enemy in the head, which inflicts critical damage on opponents. And there is another problem with this that can complicate you: the so-called minimum distance. The aim will only lock on the opponent after a certain distance, which is not always functional.

This aim is suitable for beginners, however, it is better if over time, the players can switch to one of the other options after a certain amount of time to get used to the most basic mechanics of the game.

Precise on Scope: This is the most used targeting mode by Free Fire players in most regions. In third-person mode, it works like Default Aim, focusing on the enemy's body. When you enter "scope" mode however, it is completely up to you to adjust the aim, so you can target it however you want.

Use the
Use the "Precise on Scope" option if you want help to focus on the enemy's body without losing your freedom when you activate the scope's zoom

The popularity of this aim is due to the existence of a scope exploit, which works by lowering, aiming, lifting and firing, that can guarantee an instant "headshot" on several occasions.

Full Control: This mode is what allows the player to have full control both in third person and in "scope" mode. It is recommended only for very experienced players who want to utilize all the freedom they need to hit their targets. But not even many pros use this mode, which is why it's reserved for the most masochistic players of all.

NOTE: It is also possible to activate the left button to act as a trigger - so you have one more option to adapt the controls to your style of play.

Sensitivity - Free Fire

After choosing the right aiming mode for you and adjusting the control settings, it's time to take a look at a degree of sensitivity. This option is the one that generates the most controversy, not only in Free Fire, but in any shooting game. The reason is simple, there is no ideal configuration.

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The ideal sensitivity will vary from device to device and mainly from player to player. If you are starting now, do some simple tests, such as turning around an object, always trying to keep your aim centered on it. If it is too difficult, you will know that the sensitivity is too low or too high.

A good tip is to set everything to 50 or 40 and adjust every five points, until you find the optimal sensitivity number. After that, keep tuning one by one until you find the perfect sensitivity for you.

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You can even add accessories to get the best experience you want, too

After choosing a new sensitivity, take some time to adapt to know if you need to switch it up a little more or not. The act of aiming is mechanical and depends on muscle memory, so give yourself enough time to practice. The more you practice, the more natural your game will be for that sensitivity.

Graphics - Free Fire

Finally, it's time to configure the graphics. There is little care here and it is necessary to keep in mind that the more frames per second, that is, the smoother the game runs, the easier it will be for you to aim and look for enemies.

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The game straight up tells you which graphical option gives you 'smooth'

Because of that, start with the graphics that are smoothest for your gameplay and go up gradually, always keeping in mind the power of your device.

After testing a graphical configuration that works with your phone, adjusting the sensitivity and choosing an ideal aiming option for your style of play, you will be ready to become the Master in the different seasons of the year at Free Fire.

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For many machines, the choice is simple: FPS or graphics. Unless your device is very powerful

We also discuss other options which you can tweak in addition to the most crucial ones, such as our other article here: How To Tweak Garena Free Fire's Settings To Increase Your Chances Of Victory

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