It is not every day that something free appears on Free Fire, and getting a lot of diamonds is a pro-player and streamer thing. At the same time, there are a lot of characters to buy, and making the best choice is not easy. Add all that to the possible combinations with Pets and Squad and your decision is even more difficult.

But never fear, my dear, because there is a way around this predicament. Because we'll look at 5 best characters to buy based on style and game mode. Do you prefer to play solo or squad? Are you going to rush or play cautiously? Whatever your choice is, we have the ideal character to spend your precious diamonds.

Kelly - Too fast and furious

  • Cost: 399 diamonds or 2000 coins
  • Skill: Dash
  • Effect: Increases running speed

Time goes by, new characters keep arriving and Kelly remains among the players' favorites, both casual and professional alike. The reason? It's her special ability, which allows you to run around at high speed.

Kombinasikan Kelly Dengan Karakter FF Di Garena Free Fire | Esportsku
Run, Kelly, Run!

With the improvements with the character card, this ability becomes even more efficient and makes your playing style even more aggressive! Do you want to approach the enemy with your shotgun? Then Kelly's speed is ideal. Do you want to play at the game's speed limit, running from safe to safe on the back of the unsuspecting? Kelly's speed is here. Got in trouble and need to run? Well, nobody runs like Kelly.

Because of this versatility, she is always one of the best characters in Free Fire. Maybe even the best? She can still be purchased with coins, 2,000 of them. If you just want to buy the character immediately, just spend 399 diamonds.

Download Garena Free Fire: Kalahari Emulator for PC - LDPlayer
Feels like being with a close friend rn

Although, she is just not suitable for squad games where your role will not be to beat opponents, but whoever plays best with their teammates. The reason is that the other characters will often fall behind when playing with Kelly.

Alok - Heal god

  • Cost: 2499 diamonds
  • Skill: Drop the Beat
  • Effect: Creates a 5m aura that heals per second and increases companions' speed

Since making it into the game, Alok has not left the top ranking of the most chosen. This is because he is simply a healing machine that works for both solo players and those who are going to bet on squads.

alok free fire
The DJ can only be useful when combined with another player

In fact, for those who are going to play in squads, he is even more efficient, since his ability also guarantees a speed boost. No wonder, in the main Free Fire championships, you will always see him appearing in the teams' compositions.

Alok received some nerfs, which fixed his cure bug, but he is still a great option for those who have some diamonds to spend in the account.

Paloma - Good for Free Fire solo

  • Cost: 400 diamonds or 8000 coins
  • Skill: Arms-dealing
  • Effect: You can load more AR ammunition without taking up space in your inventory.

Do you enjoy Paloma's military look? It is not for nothing. She manages to carry a lot of AR ammunition, which is the most used weapon category in the game, without taking up inventory space. This, in practice, means that there is much more room for grenades and other items that you find important to use in combat.

kelly free fire garena
Paloma has a great military look

Because of this reason, Paloma is one of the most used characters in the game in Solo mode. In Squad she loses a little bit of value, since the other teams will focus on effects that help the group and her ability is very individualistic.

If you want to become a Free Fire master on solo, this character is a great option for a first-time investment. If you play a lot, you can even buy with coins, and you need eight thousand of them to make the purchase. Otherwise, she also doesn't cost a lot of diamonds if you are looking to make an investment.

Hayato - Hard-hitter

  • Cost: 499 diamonds
  • Skill: Bushido
  • Effect: The lower the HP, the higher the armor penetration is with weapons

Hayato is a favorite to play solo with, but he is also very interesting in some Squad compositions. Making the right combination with pets, the Hayato-combo becomes a killing machine, as it increases attacking damage during a match.

free fire samurai bushido hayato
Hayato becomes more dangerous when wounded

With the Bushido skill at the maximum level, it is very difficult to miss with Hayato's shooting. Furthermore, he manages, due to his ability,  counters well against those who have good vests.

If you play with Hayato, any weapon has its power amplified while you are taking damage. However, due to the character favoring aggressiveness, the recommendation is to always go for high rate-of-fire weapons, to maximize the power of the penetration gain.

Free Fire Character Hayato
Hayato sounds like he has a death wish

There is no way to buy Hayato with coins, but the cost of diamonds is low, only 499. If you are going to take a chance on the ground, it is one of the good initial choices.

Rafael - Quiet assassin

  • Cost: 499 diamond
  • Ability: Dead Silent
  • Effect: You will not be revealed on the map for 8 seconds

Imagine being able to shoot without the enemy finding your position. This is Rafael when he uses his skill. For several seconds, depending on the skill level, Rafael does not appear on the mini-map, even if he is shooting.

free fire spy rafael
Of course he looks like a certain agent from a certain game franchise

Because of this power, he is too suitable for those who often play in the guardhouses. Sniper shooting will still make noise, but the enemy will have to be very attentive to locate you. Just activate the skill and the cover goes up, that's the goal.

With a very affordable cost, at 499 diamonds, Rafael is one of the best cost benefit characters of the game. If you are going to play solo and also in squad and want a character that will do well in both, your choice for Rafael will be more than alright.

Rafael is one of the few dual wielding characters

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