In Garena Free Fire, by buying more skill slots, a player could make various Free Fire best character combinations. With more than 20 playable Free Fire characters currently available in-game, along with many more in development, there are a lot of skills to choose from. As picking the correct Free Fire best skill combination is vital in order to win - in this guide, would list out some of the best combinations based on players' style and preferences.

Currently, Alok is probably the most useful character in the game: his Drop The Beat skill gives movement and HP regen, which are the two most useful stats. As it's an aura, the skill is great in both Solo and Squad.

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Free Fire best character combination #1: Alok + Hayato + Joseph + Kelly

This best skill combination in Free Fire is best if you are into close quarter combat - you would be able to rush in with incredible speed and shoot your opponents in the face. Kelly's Dash nad Joseph's Nutty Movement both increase speed - and Alok's Heal also does that for another 5 seconds as well - with all those stacked speed buff, any distance could be closed easily. It would be hard for enemies to hit you if you are moving as well. Hayato's Bushido is a tank ability, as your HP would definitely be pretty low because of all the rushing around.

best character combination in free fire
Kelly is probably one of the most useful characters in the game - her Dash is pretty overpowered.

Free Fire best character combination #2: Alok + Kelly + Moco + Laura

This best character combination in Free Fire is more or less "the all-rounder" as it does not really focus on any aspects of combat. With four different useful skills, you would probably be able to deal with most events that randomly occur in the fight. Kelly's Dash and Alok's Speed Healing are the staple speed combo for close quarters, while Moco's hacker eye and Laura's Sharp Shooter would increase players' accuracy in middle-range to long-range combat.

best character skill combination in free fire
Moco's detection ability would aid you in clearing out ambushers

Free Fire best character combination #3: Alok + Kelly + Hayato + Paloma

This is almost similar to the first combination, with the Speed combo of Alok and Kelly in conjunction with Paloma's AR ammo and Hayato's Armor penetration skill. This best skill combination in Free Fire is great in close quarters but has higher damage potential than the first one. We can easily see the importance of speed in Free Fire.

best character skills in free fire
Alok is probably the most versatile character in-game currently.

Free Fire best character combination #4: Kelly + Rafael + Laura + Miguel

Rafael's Dead Silent skill that hide the user on the minimap and Laura's Sharp Shooter extra accuracy, this is probably the best skill combination in Free Fire for a sniper. Kelly's Dash is vital for running around - but it can also be switched for Alok, as you probably would not be doing that much in-game as a sniper. Miguel's Crazy Slayer would give you HP after every kill, which would be your main source of healing.

best character combination in free fire
Laura has the best sniping ability that can increase your accuracy greatly.

Free Fire best character combination #5: Miguel + Andrew + Kelly + Caroline

Another close-quarter combat combination - this is specifically designed for Shotgun players. With Caroline's Agility ability that increases movement speed when holding a shotgun and Andrew's Armor Specialist which increases vest durability, you would be able to rush like crazy without any fear. Kelly's speed is just the cherry on top. Lastly is Miguel's skill, which would recover your HP after every kill.

free fire best skill combination
Shotgun specialist Caroline

Free Fire best character combination #6: Notora + Misha + Kelly + Ford

Ford's Iron Will skill that reduces the damage that players take outside of the safe zone is rather a niche - many players skip it. However, it is actually really underrated. With Iron Will equipped, it is possible for players to loot longer at the beginning of the game. Overall, this style is more focused on movement and becomes the last one on the map than just kill other people. A vehicle is pretty important - Misha's Afterburner would increase speed and reduce damage taken inside vehicles, while Notora's Racer Blessing would restore your HP while inside a car.

best character skill combination in free fire
If you are going to use a vehicle, Notora would be the best choice

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