The update 21 of Free Fire Open Beta is coming out in April, however, it could suffer some delays because of the coronavirus's impact on various countries. The three most notable additions in the patch are probably the Kill Secured Mode, new pet Ottero and new characters named Kapella and Lucas.

Free Fire Kapella
Kapella in Free Fire - she's a pop singer with song-based abilities.

Ottero is a hip hop Otter that comes with three unique emotes. With him equipped, players would get EP every time they use any medical items. Lucas, a soccer player character, comes with the Hat-trick skill, which helps him regain HP every time he scores a kill. Kapella, on the other hand, has a skill called Healing Song which amplifies the effect of HP-related abilities and reduces the damage her teammate received after she dies.

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Gather energy to exchange for rewards

The Kill Secured mode is Team Deathmatch with a small twist - players would be respawned immediately after killed. The first team that gets to 80 kills or the team with the highest kill score after 10 minutes would be the winner.

Free Fire Ottero
An otter dressed n Hip-hop style clothes

The OB 21 update would also come with the Free Fire Max version of the game as well, with options for Super Ultra Settings. The Max Version would push Free Fire's graphics into overdrive that only high-end smartphones would be able to run.

Get five characters for free by logging into the game

Players would be able to earn up to five characters in daily logins on this event: Nikita, Moco, Miguel, Rafael, and Shani would be unlocked after 10 consecutive days. The reward for the 11th day would be a level 4 character card. The event would last for a limited time, from March 30 to April 12. There is also a mini-event called "gather patch energy" from April 4 to 6, in which you have to shoot the patch energy core for points, which can later be used to exchange for free goodies.

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