Free Fire Max India, also known as the OB21 patch, is coming soon. The Beta version of Garena Free Fire max has come to players in certain countries like Indonesia and Brazil. Players in other countries like India have to wait to download and play this edition. Now, let’s learn more about this Free Fire max version with

Free Fire Max India Vs Normal Version

In the upcoming Free Fire max game version is an upgraded version of this game. It brings players more options for better graphics quality. The current version of Garena Free Fire lets players play this game with Ultra graphics quality. However, in the upcoming update OB21, you can experience the Super Ultra Free Fire max graphics quality.

Consequently, this version of Garena Free Fire is heavier in storage capacity. This trial version is around 1GB before installation. Therefore, you can only play this game in high-end smartphones. It allows players of this Free Fire max update to experience better graphics with smoother movement at a higher realistic level.

Free Fire Max India New Lobby
Garena Free Fire max has many new features like character, gun, and graphics quality

Moreover, Garena Free Fire max also has many new features like character, gun, and user interface. It will promisingly bring players lots of excitement in the upcoming time. Therefore, right after Garena Free Fire released the trailer of this version, players are highly anticipating to download and experience.

Free Fire Max India Event
Players of Free Fire Max still play in the same server and experience the same gameplay and in-game events

However, in general, the gameplay does not change. In addition, players of the normal version and players of Free Fire Max still play in the same server. So, you can still play with your friends though you play different versions. Moreover, you can still join the existing events of Garena Free Fire when playing this new version of the game.

Free Fire Max India New Features

Free Fire max release date hasn’t been decided yet. Garena has just launched the trial version to test this edition. But players still spot many new features coming soon in this OB21 patch and Free Fire max version. Check them out here.

New Lobby

The first and foremost enhancement in this leaked Free Fire max update version is the new lobby. This upcoming edition brings players a totally new 3D lobby. Besides a better graphics quality, your character walking around the lobby instead of standing like in the normal version. This new user interface excites lots of players.

Free Fire Max Lobby
Free Fire Max Lobby Looks More Realistic And Stunning With 3D Graphics

New Weapons and Attachments

From the latest trailer of this Free Fire Max India edition, there will be a new sniper rifle gun in this version. According to the leaks, this will be a powerful weapon. Especially, this edition also has a new 8x scope. Definitely, this Max edition will bring players more exciting experiences, especially snipers. Free Fire max will be a paradise for those players with a new 3D map and a powerful SR gun with a scope 8x.

Free Fire Max India Updates
Besides the new lobby and 3D map, there will be a new sniper rifle gun and 8x scope in this version

How to Download Free Fire Max Trial Version

This trial edition of Free Fire Max is 1GB in storage capacity. Moreover, it’s only available for players in Indonesia and Latin countries like Brazil. Those who are allowed to play this version will receive a mail from Garena in the Free Fire mailbox.

Free Fire Max India Version
Free Fire max is only available for players in Indonesia and Latin countries like Brazil now

The publishers will attach a link in the mail which leads to a website where you find a Code. Then, you can go to Google play, enter that Code to download Garena Free Fire Max and play.

Free Fire Max India Download
The publishers will attach a link in the invitation mail which leads to a website where you find a Code

Along with the coming of Free Fire max, Garena Free Fire also bring players the latest patch OB21. Therefore, Free Fire players can experience new features of this update in this new edition. Let’s check out what you can experience in Free Fire max India here.

New Characters

The upcoming OB21 patch has two new characters: Kapella and Lucas. Moreover, there is a new pet named Ottero. Kapella is a new female character with ‘Healing Song’ Skill. With this special ability, this girl can play as a supporter in your squad. Moreover, when Kapella dies, her teammates will receive less damage from bullets and explosions.

Free Fire Max India Game Mode
This version has the same gameplay and game modes as the normal version

Another new character, Lucas, is a young soccer player with Hat-trick Skill. With this ability, a significant number of HP will be restored once this character clears an enemy. Healing is a necessary skill in battle royale games like Free Fire. So, with this ability, your character will live longer and be stronger in this game.

Free Fire Max Version Map
The patch OB21 is likely to come at the same time with Free Fire max global version, bringing players new characters and weapons

Moreover, there are some sources leaked information about new weapons: Thompson and Smoke grenade. Thompson is a powerful sub-machine gun for close combat. If this information is true, players of Free Fire max India are going to have a lot of excitement when this edition is launched officially. You can learn and expect to see it soon.

Free Fire Max Map
Players can enjoy this game on a more realistic and detailed map thanks to 3D graphics quality

Moreover, some leaks also said that there would be a shield as a new skin of the gloo wall. So, the upcoming updates are likely to bring players lots of exciting features.

These are things you need to know about Free Fire max India as well as the upcoming Free Fire update OB21. Now, there is no exact Free Fire max release date in India. But you can play the normal game, learn more Free Fire, and update the latest news on our website.