Similar to the giveaway from the previous Free Fire Elite Pass "Apocalypse Survivors", Garena will continue to give out 100 free diamonds for those purchasing its next Elite Pass, which will be called "Agent Paws".

free fire elite pass 23 kitty tail
The next two characters on the upcoming pass are Agent Kitty and Agent Tail

How to get free diamonds on Free Fire?

  1. By purchasing the upcoming April Elite Pass, "Wild Agents", you will receive 25 diamonds
  2. If you also bought the Elite Pass on March (Apocalypse Survivors), in addition to the April one (Wild Agents), you get 25 diamonds plus 1 diamond royale voucher
  3. And finally, to receive the full reward, you would need to have purchased the Elite Pass of February (TRAP Revolution), the March one, and the upcoming April Pass. This would get you a total of 100 diamonds, plus one diamond royale voucher.
Free Fire Agent Paws Pre Order Elite Pass 23 Prg G
The next Free Fire Elite Pass costs money but features opportunities to win premium items

After redeeming your prizes, they will be available in the message center. To access the event go to the ads tab and look for Elite Pass or go to the Elite Pass collection and click on the Globe with an arrow.

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What is Free Fire Elite Pass?

The Free Fire Elite Pass is a system where you perform missions and earn badges to exchange for exclusive gifts each season. You can only gain an Elite Pass by spending diamonds. Meaning, it is not free and must be repurchased for every new pass that becomes available.

If you buy an Elite Pass, it will only last for the period of that specific pass. So each month of the year has an Elite Pass, and in one year we have 12 Elite Passes you can purchase.

At the moment there are the Free Pass and Elite Pass. The difference between the two is simple: The Free Pass is free for every player, allowing the public to win reasonable prizes by collecting certain points to earn a certain item, while the Elite Pass is paid for and costs 600 Diamonds. However, with the Elite Pass you will earn more rare and exclusive items worth 10,000 diamonds.

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