Free Fire Ranked Season 15 has come yesterday with many changes and new things. There many new features coming to the game this ranked season. Here are some details of the new ranked season: beginning date, rank reset, and new features.

Free Fire Ranked Season 15 Details

This ranked season starts at 2.30 p.m. on April 30th, right after the ranked season 14 ended. Free Fire players have two hours to get ready before the new season officially comes. You still can play the game but you will collect no point to rank up. Only when the new season comes will the points you collect from matches be counted.

Your rank will be reset when the new season comes. Moreover, the old Winter Warrior skin of SCAR-L and M4A1 guns are removed. Instead, the developers also add some new features in this new season. Players can receive the exclusive bundle of Desert Wrath for females. To get this rare bundle, you need to collect rank tokens and redeem them in the store.  

Free Fire Ranked Season Rank Reset
The ranks of Free Fire player will be reset at the beginning of the new season

Besides, you can notice some new items in this season, such as Inhaler and Glider. This season also brings AWM Armor-Piercer, Thompson SMG, and Plasma Gun Thermal Boost to Free Fire players.

Free Fire Ranked Season Details
Garena also informed players about some significant changes in this new season

Significantly, your rank will also drop at the beginning of the new season: Heroic to Gold II, Diamond to Gold I, Platinum to Silver II, Gold to Silver I, Silver to Bronze II, and below to Bronze I. All the effort you made in the previous season will lose. However, players will enter a new journey to conquer the rank Heroic in this new season.