Garena Free Fire has launched a new time-limited event titled ‘Roll The Dice’. It brings you the first-ever M1877 gun skin called Tropical Parrot. Here are the details of this event and the rewards of this event. 

Free Fire New Event Roll The Dice

This is a time-limited event called ‘Roll The Dice’ lasting from April 30th to May 6th, 2020. It brings a lot of decent rewards, including a stunning gun skin for the M1887 named Tropical Parrot. Like in other events, you also need to spend diamonds to join the event and get rewards. You need to pay 20 diamonds to roll the dice for one time and 90 diamonds to roll it for five times.five rolls. 

Free Fire Roll The Dice Event
Free Fire Released Roll The Dice Event

There are seven spots on the map marked by six colors (Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey) and a treasure box. You will roll a dice. The number of dots on the dice show the number of steps you go through on the map. If you land on the Treasure Box, you will get a token. When landing on other spots on the map, you get random rewards. 

Free Fire M1887 Skin
It brings a decent M1887 gun skin: Tropical Parrot

You can use the Treasure Box tokens to redeem many decent prizes, including a rare M1887 gun skin. Here are some attractive rewards you can get from this event with tokens.

  • Mr. Shark Backpack skin costs 1 token.
  • Moon Flip Emote costs 2 tokens.
  • Golden Merc Rumble Bundle costs 3 tokens.
  • The Tropico Rumble Bundle costs 3 tokens.
  • The Tropico Rumble Bundle costs 4 tokens.
  • Tropical Parrot M1887 (Grand Prize) costs 5 tokens.
Free Fire Roll The Dice Rewards
Use Treasure Box Tokens to redeem rewards

If you reach the Treasure Box tile for 5 times, you will get the Tropical Parrot M1887 gun skin. The event will end on May 7th, 2020. Join the event now before it finishes.