Purgatory is the second map of Garena Free Fire that was unlocked after you reach character level 5. It is a lot different from the other maps - the island was divided into 2 parts with a big canal. This, in turn, creates a lot of chokepoints, as you have to cross bridges to get to the other side of the island. In this article, we would list out some of the best tips and tricks in order for you to win in Purgatory.

Ffpurgatory En 2
Heat map for Purgatory

1 - Best places to land on Purgatory

There are only three danger zones on this map - it is rather easy to avoid those places unless you want to start a fight right after landing. Marbleworks, Central, and Brasilia are the hottest regions, with a great quantity of loot and perfect position.

Ffpurgatory En 3

Overall, if you want to play safe, Golf Course is pretty much the best spot to land, as it has decent loot and is relatively close to the hot zones. After looting, you could choose either to proceed to the hot zones to fight or just lay ambush at the edge. If you want to play even safer, you might want to pick Crossroad, in spite of its relatively poor loot spawns.

2 - Best loot locations on Purgatory

Brasilia is probably the most important location that you would need to learn - it is the biggest town on the map and filled to the brim with buildings. If you choose to land here, try to find a weapon as soon as possible as people would start shooting immediately. The same thing can be said about Central. Most matches would end in this region, so it is important that you explore it in practice matches first before playing Purgatory.

Ffpurgatory En 4

If you are in a team, Moathouse would be a decent choice for a starting location. It is a small island that can only be accessed through two bridges - you can hold off people using these chokepoints indefinitely. Its weakness is the relatively big distance from the later safe zones.

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