There are three maps available in Garena Free Fire, with Bermuda being the most popular one, as it is available right from the beginning, unlike the other maps. For this reason, it is very easy to find a match on this map – everyone that started the game can just jump in. Knowing the battlefield is extra important in a battle royale game – and Free Fire is not an exception. In this guide, we would list out some of the best tips and tricks for the Bermuda map and the locations of hot spots that you might want to avoid.

1 - When to get off the plane on Bermuda?

Ffbermuda En 2
A heat map of Bermuda

In order to calculate your landing location, you need to know by heart the hot spots on the map and try to avoid them. They are combat zones – regions crowded with players that would guarantee combat as soon as you hit the ground. Overall, you should pick a spot depends on your preference – if you want to combat, the red regions would be better, otherwise, just go with green or yellow.

Ffbermuda En 4
The Mill

It is best to stay away from Bimasakti Strip at the beginning, as the place is more often than not filled with people and you would be having a brutal deathmatch every time. Sometimes you can die before hitting the ground even. Cape Town and Kota Tua are the best locations in the southern area of the map and for the north part, Outpost and Rim Nam Village are decent. Those sites have great loot and fewer contenders.

2 – Site Specifics

If you want to get an Assault Rifle, Cape Town is probably where you need to go. This small town has a decent number of buildings that contain loot, including a high number of level 1 items. Usually, players would just land here, scrounge for loot then depart for Kota Tua to fight. The area of Kota Tua itself is not too rich in terms of loot, but it is still decent enough to hunt.

Ffbermuda En 6
Rim Nam Village

About the south side of the island, prioritize landing on Cape Town. Be careful of the Mill on the top of the hill – it usually contains a decent number of sniper rifles. If you are not able to use them, give the location a wide berth, as veteran players often camp on top of that location after looting.

Ffbermuda En 3
Cape Town

Outpost is a military area – you can find a decent number of heavy weapons in this location, including shotguns and LMG. While it was a hot zone in the past, most players have forgotten about its existence nowadays – you must use this to your advantage. Land, grab a shotgun, then run to Hangar Zone and start scouting out the building for your weapons and armor. Rim Nam Village also has great armor sets and attachments as well – if you choose to land here, grab all the attachments then head to Hangar. The crucial thing is that you have to be quick, with Rim Nam located on the edge of the safe zone.

3 – Tips And Tactics For Bermuda

Ffbermuda En 7

The general strategy for Bermuda is to land at the borders, collect loot then moving towards the middle slowly while avoiding fights. In almost every game, the match would end at Bimasakti Strip – this zone is located in the middle of the map and you should start some practice match to learn it extensively. Sentosa is the best spot to land on this match if you are playing as a team.

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