The Free Fire Wonderland event has brought players many new surprises, free rewards, and a new Kill Secured mode. Free Fire Kill Secured mode started on April 19 along with the Wonderland Peak Day. This mode was originated from another famous FPS franchise, Call of Duty. Here, we will tell you about everything you need to know about this Free Fire Kill Secured Mode and all the tips and tricks for you to win it.

 Free Fire Kill Secured Mode
The Free Fire Wonderland DAy Peak has brought a new game mode called Kill Secured

Free Fire Kill Secured Mode Introduction

In general, this mode is the same as the Team Deathmatch mode. In this mode, there will be a total of 8 players in each match, divided into 2 teams of 4 players. They will be playing against each other in a small area on the Bermuda map. This area is split into 2 sides with each team spawn at the end of each side.

cod team Deathmatch mode
The Free Fire Kill Secured mode is the same as the team Deathmatch mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

Each match lasts for 10 minutes or until one team got 80 points. You get 1 point each kill and one point for picking up a dog tag dropped from a dead player. You can get bonus points if you can make streaks of picking up dog tags. The bonus points for you will be +1, +2, +3,... When you die and it will be reset to 1.

When you are out of combat, your health will auto regenerate slowly. You can also heal yourself to full by picking up a dog tag.

free fire kill secure mode
You can choose your own set of equipment out of 4 options in Free Fire Kill Secured mode

Unlike the battle royale mode in Free Fire where you have to pick up weapons and equipment on the ground, you can choose your own set of equipment in this mode. When you enter a match, you will be given 4 choices of equipment sets. You can choose a different set when you respawn.

Free Fire Kill Secured Mode Tips, Tricks, And Strategy

In the Free Fire new Kill Secured Mode, the map is much smaller than the typical battle royale map that you usually play so you are going to need different tactics to win in this mode. Everything in this mode encourages players to be more aggressive to get as many points as possible such as you get your own set of equipment as soon as you enter, you can heal to full immediately by picking up a dog tag, you respawn endlessly.

However, being aggressive doesn't mean you have to blindly rush into the face of enemies and die. With a proper strategy, you can still get many kills while preserving your life and prevent the other from getting more points. Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know the grab the most kills and win the Free Fire Kill Secured Mode.

1. Always be on the move

In such a fast-paced mode like Free Fire Kill Secured mode, you would want to be constantly moving. If you stay still in one spot, enemies will eventually know you are there and throw a grenade in or pre-fire. You need to move to another location as soon as you get a kill to avoid this situation. It also keeps you in an alert state for a quick reflex.

In a 1 vs 1 duel, you need to keep moving to find a new angle and get easy kill instead of peaking at the same spot. The element of surprise will always be the best advantage for you.

2. Take advantage of the third person perspective

Unlike in FPP, you can peek around corners without having to expose your self and get some easy kills without a godly aim and reflex.

Free Fire tpp
You need to learn to take advantage of TPP in FF Kill Secured mode

But remember, your enemies can do the same so you need to always move from covers to covers so they can't kill you easily. Also, remember to check conners and pre-fire to counter campers. Whoever can take the full advantage of the third person perspective will have a massive advantage.

3. Choose the right equipment

Shotguns are usually the least favored type of weapon in the classic mode, but in here shotgun turns out to be pretty good with all the closed range fights. SMGs and ARs are just as versatile as usual so you can always take them if you are not sure what to pick. As for sniper rifles, this is the least recommended option, it has almost none fighting capability in close range combats. Unless you really want to practice using sniper rifles, don't ever pick this option.

free fire robo pet
The Robo pet is the best pet in Free Fire Kill Secured mode

Pet skills will also play a big part in your victory. In my opinion, Robo is the best pet in this mode as it increases your max HP and helps you create an immediate cover. Other pet skills are either irrelevant to the mode or not that very useful.

4. Communicate with your team

This is the basic principle of every team game, not only in this Free Fire Kill Secured mode. You will win easily if your team can communicate with each other well. A separated team will get destroyed one by one with almost no ways to turn things around. It is just impossible to fight while you are surrounded by 2-3 enemies while your teammate is roaming randomly somewhere else. Also being with your teammates means you can snatch their dog tag and steal the points for your team.

free fire kill secure mode
Your teammates will always be your greatest weapon in Free Fire

5. Stay out of enemies spawn spot

In Free Fire Kill Secured mode, when a player revives, they will have a few seconds of invincibility so you won't be able to deal any damage to them. But if they see you, they can still shot you down normally. If you want to surprise your opponents get a place that is a little farther away would work.

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