While other battle royales like PUBG Mobile downgraded their games to fit lower-end devices, Garena Free Fire did the opposite. The underdevelopment Free Fire Max is an enhanced version of the normal Free Fire, intended for higher-tier devices. Currently, the game is only available to a few testers - but it is expected to roll out officially soon.
In the article below we would list out some of the apparent differences between the two versions of Free Fire.

1 - Various Graphical Improvements

This is one of the biggest differences between Max and the original. While the original game's highest graphics setting is Ultra, Max has an even higher tier called Super Ultra. In this level, all objects and character textures along with shadows and special effects would be improved greatly.

Garena Free Fire Spooky Night Android 6
The graphics of Max is greatly improved comparing to the normal version

2 - Game Size

The graphics update and better textures require more storage space, obviously. The size of the original version of Free Fire is only 500 MB and the Max version is three times that.

Texture for smaller objects and characters is very detailed in the Max version

3 - Draw distance

Draw distance is a very important part that consumes devices' performance. In Max, objects on an even larger area would be rendered. This might even affect gameplay, as Max players would be able to detect enemies at a longer distance.

Free Fire Max 26606 8
The draw distance is a very important feature in a game like Free Fire - a lot of engagements occur in longer ranges

4 - Higher resource consumption

You would need a device of at least 4GB of RAM or more to run Max.

Free Fire Max 26606 2
You would need a good device to run the game on Super Ultra

5 - Additional features

It is still unclear that which features would be added into Max that the original won't have, as too much change would split the player base - one of the most important things in maintaining a Battle Royale game. Based on some unofficial sources, Max might have streaming integration as the main feature.

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