Garena Free Fire has launched a special Tribal Scarf Top Up event from April 15th to 21st. You need diamonds to unlock characters and items in this game. Therefore, Free Fire players need to do diamond top-up when they use it up. This Tribal Scarf Top-Up event will give you extra rewards: Nuclear Bunker Gloowall Skin and Tribal Scarf. Check out the event here.

Free Fire Tribal Scarf Top-Up Event

The publisher released this event to give players extra gifts, including tribal scrap and the exclusive Nuclear Bunker Skill for the gloowall. Moreover, players can also get a Tribal Scarf from this event. 

Free Fire Tribal Scarf Top Up Reward
Garena Free Fire Introduced Tribal Scarf Top-Up Event

The event will end tomorrow on April 21st. So, you should join as soon as possible to get those exclusive rewards. The exclusive Nuclear Bunker Skin of the gloowall and the Tribal Scarf will be unavailable to get for free after April 21st. To get those rewards, you need to do the diamond top-up now. If you recharge 100 diamonds, the system will reward you with a cool Nuclear Bunker gloowall skin. To get the Tribal Scarf, you need to recharge at least 500 diamonds. 

Free Fire Tribal Scarf
The Tribal Scarf

You can top up diamonds and get a 100% diamond bonus with Games Kharido. It means that if you top up 100 diamonds, you will get 200 diamonds in total. Or else, you can use Paytm UPI to recharge diamonds and get at least Rs 10 cashback. This event of Paytm diamond top-up only lasts until May 1st. In short, there are many apps for you to do diamond top-up and get attractive rewards. 

Free Fire Reward Gloo Wall Nuclear Bunker
Exclusive Gloo Wall Skin: Nuclear Bunker

It would be better if you use Games Kharido for diamonds top-up. With the diamond bonus, you can buy and unlock more things in the game. 

Tribal Scarf Top Up Event In Free Fire
Tribal Scarf Top-Up Event In Free Fire Brought Players Attractive Rewards