Free Fire is a Battle Royale game published by Garena available to download for free on Android and iOS devices. The game set record downloads and became one of the most famous games in India. Free Fire requires the player's sharp aim to become the last survivor on the map and do well in the ranks.

With that in mind, we have prepared five essential tips that can improve your aim and help you get that headshot more often. Check them out below:

First, edit your Free Fire settings

The first thing a user needs to do is to spend a few hours testing the different sensitivity options until he finds the pace that best suits his style of play. To reconfigure the crosshair, click on the gear icon and open the settings menu.

Free Fire: All you need to know about sensitivity and how to ...
Make sure you find the best sensitivity for your aim before working on it

After that, access the "Advanced Settings". There, the player can edit the target sensitivity level between zero (least sensitive) and one hundred (most sensitive) points. It is necessary to test different sensitivities in real matches until you find out which one fits the style of your game the most, since each player has different styles.

Aim more freely

In the settings menu, access the "Controls" tab, right next to "Sensitivity", and make sure to leave the option "Precise on Scope" checked. As a result, automatic assistance that makes it more difficult to take more accurate shots will be disabled.

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Stick to default if you are a new player, otherwise choose "Precise on Scope"

If you are a novice player and have not yet understood the basic dynamics of shooting, you shouldn't be activating "Precise on Scope" yet. Do this after you are more familiar with the gameplay.

Focus on headshots

In the first hours of play, it is normal for a player to be content with hitting only the most basic shots. As long as you take down opponents and win fights, the result is good enough. However, if a user really wants to improve their aim, they should try to shoot enemies in the head.

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One of the best ways to improve your aim is to keep trying to get headshots
Headshots do more damage than shots fired at opponents' bodies. Since the impact area of ​​the head is much smaller than the torso of humans, hitting these shots is much more challenging, but practice makes perfect. Whenever you have the chance, aim and practice hitting the head when trying to get kills.

Train in the Lobby

Before each Free Fire match begins, players gather in a loading lobby while waiting for the room to be complete for the match to begin in earnest. In the meantime, take the opportunity to shoot a lot, as there is no punishment for missing shots or getting shot at.

New Snow Lobby In Free Fire Update 2020
The waiting lobby at the beginning is a good opportunity to get some aiming practice in

Using this lobby for training lets you practice with the firing rate of different weapons. See which players are moving around and try to hit progressively more difficult targets.

Learn to shoot with sniper rifles

When it comes to improving your aim, no weapon can match snipers, as they are the weapons that require the most precision. In Free Fire there are several options for long-distance rifles, such as Dragunov, Kar98, CG15, AWM and SKS. Since each has its own peculiarities, such as different range and damage, it is a good idea to practice with all of them.

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Keep learning to shoot with sniper rifles and your aim would improve in no time

By tapping the aim button in the right corner of the screen, the player opens up the scope, which is even more accurate. To take better advantage of the zoom of the weapons, it is necessary to always try to position yourself in places that are slightly covered, and with the advantage of higher ground. Thus, the player will have cleaner and easier shots to hit while training his aim.

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