To do well in the Free Fire rankings, it is essential to carry a good amount of grenades in your backpack. Small in size, their destructive power is enormous, as they can take down an enemy with full life with just one explosion. In addition, they also force a change of behavior in enemies, who will be forced to move to survive.

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To reach the highest ranking in Free Fire, it's important to take advantage of all weapons available like grenades

Many people end up forgetting the grenades in their inventory and don't even use them during matches. Others don't quite know how and when to use them and waste their potential. If you fit into one of these two groups or just want to improve your game, check out the quick guide below:

When to use grenades in Free Fire

Grenades, as we said, are essential to maximizing your game in Free Fire. That's because they give you an advantage in combat, creating moments in which the initiative is all yours and the obligation to move lies with the enemy. However, it is not always the case that a grenade is a good choice.

The ideal time to use grenades is when the enemy is stuck in some cover and you want to make him move. Be they trees, ice walls or houses and sentry boxes, the grenade will force your enemy to move to another cover so as not to die in the explosion. It is during this interval, while he moves, that you will have the chance to make the necessary shots to take him down. This is the first good reason to use a grenade, to make your enemy move.

There are other reasons as well. In squad matches, for example, decreasing enemies' lives before the rush is a smart strategy, as it will give your team more chances to win in the offense. In this game mode, it is common for teams to hide in houses or structures and it is at that moment that your team must make good use of grenades. Throw the 'nades through all the windows, and try to prevent enemies from escaping the blast damage. Even if they don't die, the HP damage would have been done and you will have an opening to attack.

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Before you could apply grenade tactics properly, don't forget to practice your grenade aim to land it where you want it to land

Another way to use the grenades is to guarantee the killing of fallen enemies. In "squad" mode it is possible to raise fallen friends. When fallen, the enemy can only move by crawling, much more slowly. Throwing a grenade at him is going to inhibit the other team members from getting close or even guarantee another kill from the unsuspecting.

The last reason is to use the grenades defensively. With the same purpose of ​​making the enemy move in mind, you can throw the grenade just right in front of you and run in the opposite direction. This will make the enemy either give up the chase or die to the grenade, which is more often than you might think. The same tactic applies for using your medical kit: Raise the ice wall to defend yourself, throw a grenade to stop enemies from rushing and finish your healing.

How to throw grenades further

In many situations the standard distance from the grenade will not do. In shooting exchanges in the open field, for example, where the enemy hides behind an ice wall and is difficult to approach, a grenade makes all the difference. Only sometimes it is further than the standard pitch and this is where our tip comes in.

By jumping, you can increase the length of your throw and limit the weak range of grenades

If you've watched professional games, you may have noticed that they jump before using the grenade. This is not exhibitionism or screwing around, it is a way to increase the distance of the pitch. The secret is to pull the grenade pin, aim in the desired direction, jump and throw the grenade in the air. Some players also do this while running, but the distance is only increased by jumping. Use and abuse this technique to hit distant houses, or reach enemies behind walls of ice.

Extra Free Fire tips for grenades

  • Your focus should be to confuse the enemy, as it is not possible to surprise him with grenades. The grenade you throw will be displayed on the enemy's interface.
  • To further confuse the enemy, throw more than one grenade and through different entrances/windows.
  • To hit the guardhouse's floor, aim at its roof, the grenade will bounce and explode at the foot of the little house.
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  • In the final part of the game, the grenades are very important. As the safe is small and the enemies will take cover, use the grenades to force them to move.
  • Load up as many grenades as you can. They are easy to find on the map and as long as they do not take up valuable space for ammo and medical kits, they can be carried in piles.
  • It is possible to use the ice wall in an offensive way, by trapping the enemy or leaving him the little space, to help facilitate the damage of the explosion of your conventional grenades.

In short, remember that grenades can be used to kill your enemies outright, or used in a more tactical way to draw the enemy out of his cover or create an area of denial. You can jump to help increase the range of grenades, and it's always a good idea to carry as many grenades in non-essential space as you can.

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