Garena recently launched its own exclusive streaming platform for Free Fire streamers called Booyah. They also brought a new event with it that will give you free diamonds for watching streams on the app. Here are all the detail about this event and how you can earn diamonds in Free Fire from the app. The event will last until April 26.

Free Diamons Free Fire4
The Free Fire Daily Task event lets you get Booyah tickets through daily missions and get free diamonds

First, you need to go to Google Play to search for the Booyah app and download it to your mobile device. After that, you need to link your Free Fire account to the app so they can send you rewards.

Now, if you look at the list of streams you will see a lot of streams with the drops-enabled tag and that where you can get Booyah tickets. The longer you watch the stream, the more Booyah tickets you can accumulate. Once you can get 500 Booyah tickets, 10 diamonds will be sent directly to your account.

Free Diamons Free Fire5
The longer you watch a stream, the more Booyah ticket you will get

Other than watching streams to get Booyah tickets, there are also daily quests in the Booyah app. There is a total of 4 tasks every day in the Booyah app and you can get up to 50 Booyah tickets per day by completing them.

Free Diamons Free Fire6
You can complete daily tasks in the Booyah apps to get up to 50 Booyah tickets every day

Diamonds are an extremely rare and valuable currency in Free Fire so you should take your chance and get as many diamonds now before the event expires.

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