Part of the popularity of Free Fire is determined not only by the number of players that the game has but also by the fame that some items have gained over time. From shoes to avatars and skins, Free Fire is filled with a huge collection of accessories that have conquered the community and are super desired whenever they appear in the store.

The rarity of the Free Fire skins is dependant on the limited time it is available for purchase or earning. Or how often the skin can be earned since some of them are available to influencers only. And finally, the desirability of the skin plays a big role in how an item is considered "rare".

So here is a compilation of ten of these top items that make players' eyes glow when they appear on your device (a reminder that the list does not contain all the Free fire rare items you can find, so keep looking for more!):

1 - Angelic Pants

Perhaps the most popular item of all on the list, the Angelic Pants fell into the grace of the Free Fire devotees after many influencers started wearing the costume on their characters during live broadcasts after its launch in early 2018. The fame is so great that every time the item returns, dozens of YouTubers make videos teaching how to buy or win the item. It is also common for influencers to distribute codes related to these pants.

free fire 10 rare items angelic pants
Angelic Pants are quite rare and YouTube streamers and influencers like to showcase them, hence the popularity

2 - Beard (Ancient Mask)

A white beard doesn't look very attractive in a cool outfit, but in Free Fire the item doesn't have to be beautiful to gain fame. In the case of the Ancient Mask, also known as the Old Man's Beard,  the item is rare and strange enough to get players' attention

3 - Dino Outfits

The first time the Incubator appeared on Free Fire was with these colorful dinosaur skins. Because they were part of an important moment in the game, the Dinos soon became items that were coveted by the community.

Dinos Free Fire by Gustavithus on DeviantArt free fire 10 rare items
Imagine being ambushed and attacked by a gang of dino-suit wearing gangsters like this image here

Owning the six variations released at the time shows that the player is a veteran of the game and knows the trends. To further increase the desire for the costume, this week the Angel Dino was launched which, as the name implies, follows the same colors and pattern as the angelic costumes.

4 - Predator

This is a skin that evolves as you eliminate opponents. That is enough to know why the Bone Hunter is so desired, isn't it? It was the first evolutionary skin of Free Fire and arrived on several international servers at the end of last year through the Legendary Royale, where it stayed for a mere ten days.

Kaya Predator? Ini Dia Skin Evolusi Pertama di Free Fire! free fire 10 rare items
The concept of this skin is extremely cool and the design is definitely worth having if you can find it

5 - Hip hop Bundle

More skins that show how long a player has been invested in Free Fire, the hip hop bundle was available to be obtained in the second elite pass of the game, back in 2018. The set, which had both male and female versions, is a simple way to show a player's commitment to the game. If you have these outfits, you are probably a super veteran.

FREE HIP HOP BUNDLE IN 10₹ SPECIAL AIRDROP || free fire 10 rare items
The Free Fire Hip Hop Bundle helps you show off your commitment to the game and your abundant swag

6 - Angelic banner/avatar

These two items, although not costumes, are so desired that even in the game they appear with the message about their rarity. Although many people try to obtain both, they are presented by Garena only to influencers of the game.

7 - Samsung partnership jacket

Last year, Garena entered into a partnership with Samsung to give gifts to players who bought phones from the brand's Galaxy A line. Although some users have found ways to circumvent the system of codes necessary to receive the jacket, the item is still not common and ends up being desired because it is not so easy to retrieve it.

free fire 10 rare items samsung jacket - Free Fire Club
These rare Samsung skins come with the purchase of a whole new Samsung phone, so try to circumvent that if you can

8 - Pink Guardian

This skin is one of those that people like to equip for fun because the Pink Guardian outfit makes you look like a character directly from the anime series called Cardcaptor Sakura. This is what we mean by the skin looking like a character from that series.

free fire 10 rare items pink guardian
The Guardian and Angel Bundle keeps you looking cute and magical while slaughtering opponents left and right

The pink version of this costume arrived a year ago in the game and, since then, it has become one of the rarest item in Free Fire that people most enjoy using to assemble their own customized costume. The desire to obtain the Guardian is such that on YouTube there are dozens of videos of streamers showing off their magical girls.

9 - Valentine's Day Shoes

Although simple, these pink shoes won the hearts of players when they were launched, back in February 2018. At the time it was necessary to play five games in pairs to win the item and then the item is returned to the store on Valentine's Day. As many people missed it because they thought it was too simple, few people have this kind of shoes and they are now considered a rare items in Free Fire.

10 - Football jerseys

The fans have asked for the return of the football jerseys, which were originally launched during the 2018 World Cup, that the items actually returned to some servers in March of that year. As Free Fire didn't have as many players at the time of the arrival of the shirts, the crowd really wanted some items from that time period to make a triumphant return.

Wallpaper Free Fire football | free fire 10 rare items
Great way to have your favorite national team's jersey on Free Fire, especially if you are a football fan

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