Free Fire new pet Ottero is one of the most awaited features in the OB21 update long with a new character Kapella, a new SMG, and Clash Squad Ranked Mode. Although Ottero pet in Free Fire was included in the patch, it wasn't released at the same time with other changes. It didn't appear in the game until April 22. So what will new pet Ottero Free Fire be able to do? And is it going to be a good enough pet for intensive fights in Free Fire or not? Let's find out the answers to those questions with in this article.

Free Fire New Pet Ottero
Free Fire New Pet Ottero was released late compared to other features in the OB21 patch

Free Fire new pet Ottero Overview

Ottero is a cute beaver with a hip-hop style with a headphone and hoody. It has the ability to increase your EP whenever you increase your HP using Treatment Gun or Med Kit. At level 1, Ottero will recover your EP equal 35% of the amount of HP you recovered. This percentage will increase as you level up Ottero pet in Free Fire. At the max level, it can recover up to 100% of the amount of HP you recovered.

What is EP? If you are new to Free Fire, you might not know what EP is. EP is a bar on top of your HP that are consumed automatically to restore health over time for you at a slow rate. EP wtill stop getting consumed once your HP is full. For PUBG Mobile players, EP is the same as boost from Energy Drinks in PUBG Mobile. Normally, you can gain EP buy finding Mushrooms on the map and eat them. There is a total of 4 kinds of Mushrooms in Free Fire which can recover you 50/100/150/200 EP. The maximum amount of EP you can store is 200.

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Free Fire new pet Ottero - How to get it for free?

Currently, the game is having an event for all players to get Free Fire pet Ottero for free called Ottero Top Up event. This event will last until April 28. The event has 3 missions that require you to buy diamonds in Free Fire and get rewards. Note that you only need to buy diamonds and don't have to spend them on anything at all. By buying 100 diamonds, you will get the Ottero pet for free. You can buy more diamonds up to 500 diamonds to get 2 more rewards.

Free Fire New Pet Ottero event
The Free Fire Ottero Top Up event: is currently available until April 28 for players to get Ottero for free

The list of rewards in Ottero Top Up event:

  • 100 diamonds: Free Ottero pet.
  • 300 diamonds: Free Show Off advanced action for Ottero.
  • 500 diamonds: Free Ottero outfit 'Sakura Ottero'.

Free Fire new pet Ottero - How good is it?

Free Fire Ottero pet will recover EP whenever you recover your HP using Treament Gun or Med Kit.

Since EP will heal you automatically, it is perfect when you are far away from the circle so you won't have to stop to use Med Kit.  EP can also make a big difference in long fights. In those fights, you need to constantly pressure your opponent to win so you will have no time to stop and heal. Instead, you can rotate to find a new angle or get closer to throw a grenade while your opponent is healing. Ottero will keep your EP filled all the time and have those advantages over other players.

 Free Fire New Pet Ottero skill
Free Fire New Pet Ottero's skill is great for the support role to buff EP for members in the Squads

You need Med Kit or Treatment Gun for Ottero's skill to be useful. Med Kit is obviously used by everyone, but Treatment Gun is a so so weapon since it can't really deal much damage while healing your teammate is a nice bonus. So if you are planning on using Ottero pet in Free Fire, you will be the support of your team in Squad and Treatment Gun will be a must option for you since you can keep the EP of your whole team at high levels with it.

Free Fire treatment gun
Treatment Gun is not a good offensive weapon but it can heal your teammate very well and synergize with Ottero

Ottero's skill can make a good combo with the new character Kapella in Free Fire. Kapella's skill increases the effects of healing items and healing skills which synergize nicely with Ottero's skill to heal even more. The ability to reduce the HP loss of teammates when down of Kapella is also a great skill for a support role.

 Free Fire kapella
Kapella is the perfect character to go with Ottero for the support role since her ability can increase healing effectiveness

Other than that, when it comes to offensive, Free Fire new pet Ottero is too underwhelming compared to other pets in Free Fire.

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