Pets are also characters in Free Fire, which are provided to accompany players in games. So, they are also close friends of Free Fire players. Besides, Free Fire pets also have their special abilities to support players on the battleground. This guide of will instruct you to create an impressive Free Fire pet name for this friend of players.

There are many pets you can choose to buy and bring with you in the Free Fire game. They are Shiba, Kitty, Night panther, Robo, Mechanical Pup, Spirit Fox and Panda. Let’s take a quick look through these Free Fire pets before creating a suitable and cool Garena Free Fire pet name.

Free Fire Pet Name For Shiba

First, Shiba is a lovely dog with six levels to upgrade. He’s also one of the most favorite pets in Free Fire. At each level, your lovely Shiba will have a unique emote, including celebrating, playing, and showing. At the highest level, Shiba will receive a new skin named Golden Tail which looks very cool. Shiba has a special ability to mark one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds. When he reaches levels 6 and 7, every 30 seconds will be decreased.

Free Fire Pet Shiba
Free Fire Pet Shiba

You will have a free chance of Free Fire pet name change after buying the pet. A Shiba pet costs you 450 diamonds to equip. You can keep the default name Shiba or give him the best pet name in Free Fire like Coco, Rocky, or Cooper, etc. For the next change, you have to pay diamonds. To create a special Free Fire pet name style, you need to go to to get more symbols and name styles. Then, copy and paste it into the box of New Name, pay diamonds, and give a new Garena Free Fire pet name for Shiba.

Free Fire Pet Name For Kitty

Kitty is a cute cat in Free Fire with a lovely appearance and five levels to upgrade. And at level 6, Kitty can get a special skin of Detective Kitty. She also has many actions unlocked at each level, including casual action, celebrating, playing, and scaring. A lovely Free Fire pet name for Kitty can be Mew Mew. You can make Free Fire pet name stylish by adding special symbols like wings or hearts in the name.

Free Fire Pet Kitty
Buy To Equip Free Fire Pet Kitty

To upgrade your Kitty, you need to buy pet food to feed her. Now, Free Fire Kitty pet hasn’t got any special ability. Therefore, not many players choose to unlock this Free Fire pet. But many cat lovers still want to equip this pet due to her loveliness. And you can receive this pet in the lucky spin.

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Free Fire Pet Name For Night Panther

Night Panther is a new pet in Free Fire which you can receive in the lucky spin. After receiving the pet, you need to create a Free Fire game pet name for him. The first chance is free, but the next turn costs you up to 200 diamonds. You also upgrade the Night Panther by pet food. When it reaches level 6, the skin Captain will be unlocked.

Free Fire Pet Night Panther
Get Free Fire Pet Night Panther In Golden Crate

The special ability of Night Panther is increasing the inventory space by 30 at level 2, and 45 at the next level. Some emote of this pet are also celebrating, playing, and transforming. As this pet looks really strong and cool, you should give it an impressive Free Fire pet name in style, such as Hunter, Predator, or Killer, etc.

Free Fire Pet Name For Robo

This new pet is a robot coming to Free Fire in the update version OB18. Like previous pets, Robo also has some emotes, such as celebrate, play, and show off. Moreover, this pet has two special skins that look impressive and cool, including Pharaoh’s Robo and Snowy Robo beside the normal skin. Its skill is increasing the duration of the gloo wall.

Free Fire Pet Robo
Free Fire Pet Robo Is An Useful Friend In Free Fire

As Robo is a robot, you can give it a special pet name like Alien, eKiller, or Optimus. They sound really impressive. Or else, you can choose a lovely Free Fire pet name style, like Snow Ball or Bee.

Free Fire Pet Name For Mechanical Pup

You can buy Mechanical Pup in the store with 200 diamonds. He’s a man’s friend equipped with modern technology. At level 7, this pet will have a special skin of Lightning Pup. Like Kitty, Mechanical Pup doesn’t have any skill. But he looks really cool with a technological armor. You should create the best pet name in Free Fire for this dog, such as Robo Dog, Armored Scoop, Rob, or Alien Pup.

Free Fire Pet Mechanical Pup
Free Fire Pet Mechanical Pup

Free Fire Pet Name For Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox is a new pet in the OB19 update version. The devs gave this brand new pet three special skins in addition to the default one, including Red Fox, Blue Fox, and Battle Fox. It also has some emotes like celebrate, show off, play, and casual action. Spirit Fox is the favorite pet of many girls. The special skill of this pet is restoring extra 4HP when using health packs.

Free Fire Pet Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox Is A New Pet In Free Fire

Spirit Fox is also an impressive pet name that you can use. Or you can name this fox as Queen Fox, Crown, or Forest Killer.

Free Fire Pet Name For Panda

Detective Panda is one of the most favorite pets in Free Fire with a special skill of Panda’s Blessing. It helps you restore 4HP for each kill. So, Detective Panda is very useful in the battleground when you can heal while making kills. Some suggested names for this panda can be BaoBao, Kung-fu Panda, Poo, BooBoo, etc.

Free Fire Pet Detective Panda
Free Fire Pet Detective Panda

Those are some introductions as well as Free Fire pet name suggestions for seven existing pets in this game. To update more Free Fire game news as well as game tips and tricks, let’s visit