Free Fire Kitty Name India is widely concerned among Free Fire players. Today, let’s explore things you need to know about Free Fire Kitty pet and find the best Kitty name in Free Fire India. If you own a Kitty pet and want to find an impressive Free Fire Kitty name style India, here’re things you need. Check it out here with

Free Fire Kitty Pet India

Kitty pet is a cute and pretty cat for cat lovers in Free Fire. Players can receive this pet in Mega Luck Spin Game. Then, after unlocking this cute Kitty pet, you can upgrade her to the next levels to unlock many interesting actions. At level 2, she has casual action and you can use her in the command wheel.

Free Fire Kitty Name
Free Fire Kitty Pet Is Very Cute

In level 3, she can celebrate when she is happy. For example, when you defeat an enemy or use medkit to heal, she will meow and celebrate. In level 4, your cat can show the action of being scared. For example, when players bring their Kitty pet to the red zone, their cats will be scared and shake with fright.

Then, when you upgrade your Kitty pet to level 5, she can show a lovely action of playing like a real cat. Besides, players can also open many lovely skins for their Kitty pet when she is upgraded. The default Kitty pet will wear a Kitty skin. Then, you can unlock the Detective Kitty skin when your cat reaches level 6.

Free Fire Kitty Skin
Free Fire Kitty Pet's Special Skin Of Detective Kitty

To upgrade the Kitty pet as well as other pets in Free Fire, you buy pet food to feed them. The pet food is available for purchase in the Free Fire shop. Then, you can choose to Equip to bring your Kitty with you in the match. Before that, let’s choose a nice Free Fire Kitty name India for your lovely cat. To play alone, you choose the Rest option to leave your pet home when you are out for battle.

How To Unlock Free Fire Kitty Pet India

Free Fire Kitty cat is a rare item you can receive from the Mega Luck Spin game. You are given some free turn to play this Lucky Spin and receive many gifts, including rare Kitty pet. Or else, you need to pay gold to spin and get this Kitty pet. Therefore, Kitty is a gift or those who are lucky.

Free Fire Kitty Pet Name
You can receive a free Kitty pet from the lucky spin

If you cannot receive Kitty cat from the Lucky game, you can buy Kitty pet in Free Fire shop with 100 diamonds. Go to the Store, then choose the Pet section in the Normal category. Then, pay 100 diamonds to own a Kitty pet.

Pet Free Fire Kitty Name
Or else, you can buy a cat from Free Fire Store, and buy pet food to upgrade your pet

After unlocking your cat, you should choose a Free Fire Kitty name style India for your pet. You will have one free turn for Free Fire Kitty name change India. To upgrade your pet quickly, you can buy pet food after purchasing the cat in Petshop.

Free Fire Kitty Name India

After getting Free Fire Kitty pet, you have one free turn to change the name of your cat. It’s time for you to create the best Kitty name in Free Fire India. For the next name changes, you have to pay 200 diamonds for each change.

Free Fire Kitty Name Change
You have to pay 200 diamonds for the next Free Fire Kitty name change

You can name your Kitty pet after some famous cartoon cats, such as Tom, Arlene, Azrael, Bucky, Cheshire Cat, Garfield, Sagwa, or Sylvester. Those renowned cats are characters in some famous cartoons. If you are fans of those movies, you can name your cat after them or other favorite characters.

Or else, if you want to have a cool and impressive Free Fire Kitty Name India, you can call her Simba, Tiger, Nala, Puss in Boots, Lucifer, etc. Those famous names only contain Latin letters and you can easily type it into the Name Change Box.

Free Fire Kitty Name Style
Go to to create a stylish name for your pet

Alternatively, if you want to create a stylish name, you can go to This website helps you create a name with special characters not existing on the keyboard. Then, choose the one you like most, copy it, return to Free Fire game and paste it into the Name Change Box.

Above are things you need to know about Free Fire Kitty pet. We also suggest you some name so that you can choose a nice Free Fire Kitty name India. Then, we also guide you on how to create the best Kitty name in Free Fire India. To update the latest Free Fire game news, let’s visit our website.