Free Fire Panda name India is the most concerned topic in this game as the Detective Panda is the most favorite Free Fire pet. This article will suggest you some impressive Panda name in Free Fire as well as tips to play Panda pet. Check it out here with

Free Fire Panda Pet

Detective Panda is one of the most favorite pets in Free Fire with a cute look and lovely emotes, such as celebrating, playing, and showing off. Moreover, this pet has some attractive skins, such as Detective Panda, Wild Panda, Lighting Panda, and Skull Panda. The special ability of this pet is Panda Blessing. With this skill, a panda pet can help you heal a certain amount of HP after making a kill. So, this pet is very useful during the match. You can both make a kill and get back health. To upgrade your panda pet, you must feed him with pet food which can be bought in Free Fire shop.

Free Fire Panda Pet
Free Fire Panda Pet Is Very Cute And Helpful

Moreover, when you upgrade your pet, the amount of HP you can heal for each kill also increases. At levels 1 to 5, you can heal 4HP per kill. Then, you can upgrade your pet with diamonds and coins to heal 7HP per kill at level 6 and 10HP per kill at level 7. So, bringing a panda pet at level 7 along with you means you are bringing a source of HP with you. After making a kill, the health points you heal is the same as the health points you get from a level-1 mushroom.

You Can Upgrade Your Panda Pet
You Can Upgrade Your Panda Pet To Unlock More Skin And Actions

Thus, the Panda pet is very useful for aggressive players on the battleground. It helps increase your chance of winning the game and getting booyah. So, why don’t you get a panda pet, give him a nice Free Fire panda name India, and bring him with you in your games? You can also check out more pets in Free Fire with

Free Fire Panda Pet Unlock

Free Fire player can get Panda pet in special airdrop in the event Spooky Night. You can buy this special airdrop on the Google Play Store at the price of Rs10. And this rare item of Panda pet will be awarded to lucky players.

After getting this pet, you need to give the new pet a panda name in Free Fire India. However, you can change the Free Fire panda name India for free only once. For later changes, you must pay 200 diamonds.

Free Fire Panda Pet
Bring Panda Pet With You To Help You Heal At Least 4HP Per Kill

If you cannot use an iOS phone and cannot buy the special airdrop from App Store, there is another way for you to unlock this panda pet. This pet is also available in the Free Fire Store, in Normal category, Pet section. It costs 699 diamonds. If you do not have enough diamond in your Free Fire wallet, you can recharge with real cash, or hack.

Unlock Panda Pets Free Fire
Unlock More Panda Pets And Bundles With Diamonds

Free Fire Panda Name India Suggestions

Giving your pet a stylish panda name in Free Fire India is not difficult. If you just want to create a simple name from Latin letters, you can type directly into the Nickname Box in the box of ‘Change Nickname’. You can create some cute names for your pet, such as Bao, Pi, Poo (as the name of the main character in Kung-fu Panda cartoon). Or else, name your pet as Simba, Nemo, or other famous characters in your favorite movies.

Free Fire Panda Pet Skin
Free Fire Panda Pet Skin

Alternatively, if you want to create a stylish Free Fire panda name India using special characters, go to website This website will suggest you some impressive pet and also a character name in Free Fire. There, you will see a lot of beautiful and stylish nicknames from both Latin and non-Latin characters.

Nickfinder.Com is a useful tool to create stylish Free Fire panda name

Here are some steps to create a stylish name with this tool. First, turn back to the home screen and go to the Google search tool. Then, search for and click on the link to go to this website. There are lots of available and ready-made names for your Free Fire character and pet. If you want to create a new one, type your wish name in the box. Then, the tool will give you some suggestions to choose one. Next, copy the name and turn back to the game. Paste the name you copied into the nickname box and choose OK.

Type Or Paste The Name Here
Type Or Paste The Name Here To Create A New Panda Name in Free Fire

Those are some brief introduction and guidelines on how to create a stylish Free Fire panda name India in this game. For more interesting tips and tricks, as well as the latest Free Fire game news, let’s visit