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Free Fire and Call of Duty mobile are two of the hottest battle royale games in the world now with great numbers of players. In general, the two games share a little similar gameplay. However, they also have many differences, such as character, vehicle, and game modes. Let’s take a brief comparison between Free Fire versus Call of Duty to find your favorite game.

Free Fire vs Call of Duty: Size & Gameplay

Free Fire is a mobile game that is smaller in size and available for both medium and high-standard smartphones. It can run on the devices with 1GB RAM and above. The total size after installation is around 600MB. It’s lighter than Call of Duty Mobile which is 1.5GB after installation. So, you can only play Call of Duty mobile in devices with 2GB RAM and above.

Free Fire Game
Free Fire Game Is Smaller In Size

It’s because Call of Duty mobile has more features than Free Fire. While Free Fire only features the first-person perspective, Call of Duty mobile lets you play the game a first-person or third-person perspective. In addition, a match in Free Fire is shorter with only 50 players. Meanwhile, 100 players will join in a match on Call of Duty mobile.

Call Of Duty game
Call Of Duty has a mobile version with a size of 1.5GB

Free Fire vs Call of Duty: Graphics & Sound

Obviously, Call of Duty mobile has more realistic graphics and sound. If you have played Free Fire, you see that the graphics in Free Fire is more cartoonish. And the sound of firing is not as realistic as Call of Duty mobile.

Free Fire Graphics
Free Fire game looks more cartoonish with lower graphic quality

Meanwhile, the sound of firing in Call of Duty is better although it’s still not as realistic as that in PUBG. But that’s enough to make the game sound like a real battle. Moreover, in comparing Call of Duty vs Free Fire, the graphics of Call of Duty is also less cartoonish than Free Fire.

Call Of Duty Graphics
Call of Duty has better and more realistic graphics

You can see the characters in Call of Duty wearing soldier uniforms and vets which look very realistic. However, Free Fire characters wear their unique outfits and also bring pets with them in the battle. Moreover, the movement in Call of Duty mobile looks smoother.

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Free Fire vs Call of Duty: Characters And Weapons

The next comparison between Free Fire x Call of Duty goes to characters. Both these two games let you choose your character to play from a collection of characters. But the mechanism is a little bit different between Free Fire versus Call of Duty.

Call Of Duty characters
Call of Duty characters have their own roles

Call of Duty characters have their own roles, such as medic, scout, or defender. But in Free Fire, each character has their unique abilities and you can upgrade the ability by paying diamonds. Besides, all characters in Call of Duty are humans. Whereas in Free Fire, there are some fictional characters, such as Wukong who can turn into a bush.

Free Fire Characters
Free Fire characters have special abilities

In addition, we also compare Call of Duty vs Free Fire weapons. Call of Duty has a more moderate weapon look than Free Fire. Moreover, Free Fire provides players with an Auto-aim system, which makes the aim point turn red when you aim at the right target. It feels like a trick when players will know when to fire. Furthermore, not only the outlook but also the sound of Call of Duty weapons are more realistic and better.

Free Fire Vs Call Of Duty Weapon
Free Fire weapons have an auto-aim system

Recently, the Call of Duty mobile also brings players a better game experience with heavy weapons and helicopters. It’s pretty similar to the Payload mode that you have played in PUBG Mobile.

Free Fire vs Call of Duty: Maps

Another difference between Free Fire vs Call of Duty mobile is the map. The Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty provides players with one map only. But Free Fire’s Battle Royale mode has three maps, including Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. But the map in Call of Duty is much larger for 100 players to fight on it.

Free Fire Vs Call Of Duty Mobile Map
Free Fire’s Battle Royale mode has three maps

In both Call of Duty vs Free Fire, the publishers usually update new maps when a new season comes. They also update new features, weapons, and gameplay to bring players more experience.

Free Fire Versus Call Of Duty Map
The Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty has one map only

Those are some outstanding differences between Free Fire vs Call of Duty. Now, based on this outline, you can choose the game you prefer, or play both. Although both of them are battle royale games, they still bring you different experiences. To update the latest Free Fire game news as well as more comparisons, let’s visit