Free Fire trigger is a tool that helps you play the game more easily. If your smartphone screen is not large and your sight is limited by your fingers, you can use this tool for better playing. This guide of will suggest you some Free Fire triggers on the market. Besides, you can learn how to make a DIY trigger to play Free Fire in this article. Here we go!

What Is Free Fire Trigger?

This is a tool connected with your smartphone that helps you play the game better and more easily. Sometimes, you may have difficulties in playing Free Fire. For example, there are so many functional buttons on the screen that you cannot touch them on time. Especially, in sudden combat, you may sometimes die because of slow finger movement. Or else, your fingers are covering your sight, so you cannot spot the enemies. With three-claw or four-claw players, the Free Fire trigger is every helpful.

Free Fire Trigger
A Simple Free Fire Trigger For Aiming And Firing Buttons

This so-called pro-claw technique is available in many online and offline phone accessory shops. This tool is sold at a pretty low price so that players can afford one trigger to play games. Or else, you can make your own trigger for Free Fire which is pretty easy and money-saving.

How To Make Free Fire Trigger
You Can Also Make Diy Triggers To Play Mobile Game At Home With Available Materials

Free Fire Trigger Setting

After buying the Free Fire game trigger, you need to unbox it and do some setting steps before playing the game. There are many types of trigger. If your budget is limited, you should buy a simple pair of triggers for finger control. Or else, you can buy a high-quality trigger if you can afford it which is, of course, easier and convenient to use.

No matter which type of trigger for Free Fire did you buy, you do the same setting steps for the game. These triggers will replace your finger to touch the two most used buttons on the screen, including firing and scope on.

Free Fire Trigger Setting
You drag the firing and aiming buttons to the top corners where you set the trigger pads

So, you go to settings and drag these two buttons to the top right and left corner of the screen where you will set the triggers. Each trigger has a finger control to replace your fingers to touch the buttons of firing and scope. Make sure that you drag the two buttons to match the trigger pads so that when you push the fire and aim buttons, they work. After attaching, you fix the position of the triggers by the adjustable clips to make sure that it won’t slide out of the buttons when you play the game.

Where To Buy Free Fire Trigger?

 You can buy this game accessory in the smartphone accessory shops in your region. Or else, you can buy it online on Amazon, eBay, and many other online shops. Free Fire trigger Flipkart is also a reputable supplier that you can trust.

Buy Free Fire Trigger
You can buy mobile game control trigger from mobile shops

Free Fire trigger price is not very high but it varies depending on the types of the trigger. For example, the Free Fire trigger price in India is Rs 155 on Flipkart online shop now. It’s the price after the discount, and the original price is Rs 499. This trigger can be used for Android or iOS smartphones.

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How To Make Free Fire Trigger?

If you can’t afford a trigger for Free Fire, you can make it yourself. This article will guide you on how to make a Free Fire game trigger from safety pins. As mentioned, this tool has two main parts, the pads, and the controls.

handmade Free Fire Trigger
Make Free Fire Trigger From Safety Pins

Firstly, you need two pins to make the flame of the trigger, aluminum foil, an eraser to imitate your finger, and a pair of pincers. Then, you curve the pins and shape it to fit your smartphone thickness. Use the pair of pincers to shape it and cut off the pointed heads of the pins.

How to make Free Fire trigger
Shape The Safety Pins To Make Then Fit Your Smartphone

Cut Two Pieces Of Aluminum Foil
Cut Two Pieces Of Aluminum Foil

How to make free fire trigger
Cut Two Pieces Of Eraser

How to make free fire trigger
Wrap The Eraser Pieces In The Aluminum Foil

how to make free fire trigger
Stick The Wrapped Erasers To The Safety Pins

Next, cut two pieces of aluminum foil and eraser. Wrap the pieces of erasers in the tin foil to make two trigger pads and stick them to the flame. And you will have a DIY Free Fire trigger from safety pins. Check out this video clip to learn how to make a DIY trigger for games at home which doesn't cost you a rupee. 

Those are a brief introduction, suggestion, and also instruction on how to make a Free Fire trigger. To update the latest Free Fire game news as well as more tips for gamers, let’s visit