The OB20 update of Free Fire will be released on February 25, bringing to the game a new map, features, character, and items. But it seems that the update will take away something from the game too, the Purgatory map. According to a popular Free Fire YouTube channel called "Free Fire Gamer's Zone", the developer of Free Fire will remove the Purgatory map from the game on February 28. I will link the YouTube video right below for you to watch it for yourself.

It seems that the new Kalahari map will be a great replacement for Purgatory from the map pool with many news features and spots.

The OB20 update is a huge one so the total file size of Free Fire after the update can be really big, up to more than 2 GB. With such a big game file, many low-end smartphone devices will not be able to handle the game and the game will be very laggy. That could be one of the main reasons why they have to remove Purgatory from the map pool.

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Purgatory map will be removed from Free Fire or the game file will become too big for players who have low-end device

However, leaked information also indicated that Purgatory will still be available in the game during rush time ((6 PM to 10 PM) for those who still want to play the map. Of course, users who want to play on Purgatory will have to download the necessary additional packages for the map.

Kalahari Free Fire
Kalahari will be the new map in the next update in Free Fire

Apart from the new Kalahari map, the OB20 update features a Training Ground for players to test out whatever weapon they want in a sandbox mode and train their skill to become better in real matches.