If you’re a beginner in Free Fire, you may face many difficulties besides excitement in this game. Moreover, it’s pretty hard for beginners to get booyah if they meet pros in this game. So, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for Free Fire beginners to play like a pro player and get booyah.

Choose Powerful Characters, Not Good-Looking Characters

A strong character in this game is much more important than cosmetics. The beautiful skin only makes your character look fancier but does not add any strength to your character. If you just want to look cool and stylish and never care about your strength, you will never win.

Free Fire Character
Free Fire Character Miguel

Choosing the right character is very important. Each Free Fire character has a unique ability. So, base on the strategy and game mode, you choose your character who plays the support role or shooter. 

Red Aim Means Enemy Ahead

If the sight of your gun turns red, it means there is an enemy near you. If you are not ready for combat, just evade in quiet. Or else, you can shoot the enemy when your sight turns red. The red sight in Free Fire lets players know when to shoot. When it’s red, you aim accurately at the enemy. Although it doesn’t mean you can kill him with one bullet, you can still cause damage to the enemy.

Free Fire Tips
There is an enemy when the sight turns red

Only Use Vehicle At The Beginning Of The Game

Vehicles are very convenient and useful in traversing around the map. But you should only use it in the initial stage of the match when the play area is large. Moreover, vehicles usually cause a loud sound and unveil your position to enemies. So, when the circle shrinks and the play zone gets smaller, you should leave your vehicles behind and move on your foot.

Free Fire vehicle Tips
Vehicle may unveil your position

Engage In Combat When You Are Really Ready

A lot of players tend to fire back when they get attacked by enemies. However, if you are not ready for combat, it would be a silly and deadly mistake. The tips are evading enemies, finding a good cover, healing health, and preparing for the fight.

Free Fire tip
Find a good cover and get ready for combat

Those are tips and tricks for Free Fire players to play this video game like a pro. To update the latest Free Fire game news as well as useful tips, let’s visit Gurugamer.com.