Free Fire Best Name – Free Fire, or Free Fire Battlegrounds, is a mobile action-adventure game in Battle Royale game sort, developed by 111dots Studio. Ganera, the official publisher of the game, released a beta version for iOS and Android on December 4, 2017. This is a survival game where players show off the fire and hide skills to survive as long as possible.

Like any other game, the very first step you need to complete to enjoy Free Fire is creating a name. This instruction of will show you how to create a Free Fire stylish name as well as change your in-game nickname.

Overview of Free Fire for Beginner

Since the Free Fire release date, Garena Free Fire is one of the hottest mobile shooting games in the community, with over 450 million users all over the world. In this game, fifty players will join a battle on an isolated island. After landing from the parachute, Free Fire players go around the find weapon and supplies to increase the chance of survival in shooting fights. Only the last man surviving on the map will be the winner. It's quite the same with another battle royale game in comparing PUBG vs Free Fire

To join in such exciting and challenging battles, you need to have an in-game character. There are a lot of characters in different genders and with a unique appearance for you to choose from. But thousands of gamers can use the same character. So, it’s your nickname what makes you unique in those battle.

free fire best name
Garena Free Fire

When registering, you need to choose the name for your character. You can also change your nickname if you get bored with your previously chosen name. But, as usual, Free Fire name change will cost you hard-earned diamonds.

1. Free Fire Best Name: Free Fire Name Change

You can change your nickname in Free Fire through the following steps have a Free Fire stylish name right now.

The very first step is opening the Free Fire game on your smartphone. In the upper left corner of the phone screen, tap your current in-game name there. Then, you touch the yellow notebook icon below the place your name appears on the screen. A window will open and offer you to enter your new nickname. If your new nickname is not available, the system will suggest a similar one, or you can enter other names until it is accepted.

If another player has used the name you entered, the operating system won’t let you use it. Try others that are unique and cool. To confirm your Free Fire name change decision, you need to pay 390 diamonds. Or else, you can go to the shop and buy a name change card which costs only 49 diamonds at this moment.

free fire best name
Free Fire Name Change Card

2. How to Create Free Fire Best Name

Forget about simple and boring name. Now you can create an artistic and unique Free Fire best name. Access to and type your nickname, this website will suggest you a list of artistic name with special characters that your smartphone’s keyboard cannot create. Choose the one you like and copy it. The name will be saved in the clipboard.

Turn back to the game interface and paste the name in the new nickname box on the screen and wait for the system to check. If the name you choose is unique, you get a new in-game name for your character. You can also create a unique and cool Free Fire guild name in this way.

free fire best name
Manage Your Character Here

Moreover, base on the abilities, genders, background, and personalities of the Free Fire characters you chose, you can give them a suitable name. Every time you win Free Fire games, your name will appear on the Booyah screen as a horror to the winner. So, why don't you create an impressive, or funny, or interesting name for your character?

You can also learn not only tips and tricks but also the name style of pro players on a Free Fire video. Sometimes, you will see a funny or amazing Free Fire best name on those videos. Just take inspiration from them and make your own. This video will guide you to create a stylish name in Free Fire. This player will show you how to change your name style as well as using special characters in your name. You will no longer have to use only Latin letters to name your character.

Earn Diamonds to create a Free Fire Best Name

As mentioned previously, you need diamonds to change your Free Fire best name or buy a name change card. Besides, shopping for other items and supplies also costs diamonds. So, you need to get as many diamonds as possible. This guide will show you how to get unlimited free diamonds in this game. 

The fastest and simplest way to get diamonds is by purchasing it. Of course, this method costs you real money. If you cannot afford it, forget it. You also have some other ways to get diamonds for free, such as events or daily rewards. Diamond events will appear on the calendar in the right corner of your phone screen. Alternatively, you can use a code that is rare and difficult to have. But if you get one, you have a black card in this game.

With unlimited coins and gems, players can go shopping without looking at the price label. However, if you cannot get the code, don't worry because there are many other ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire games. 

free fire best name
Buying Diamonds In Free Fire

Above are instructions on how to change Free Fire best name and create a unique and impressive nickname for you and your guild. There are some tips on how to earn diamonds for shopping and other in-game experiences. To update the newest mobile game news as well as informative and useful tips for gamers, let’s visit We will bring the latest information and a lot of tips to play games like a pro.