The creator of Ragnarok Online, Gravity, and Garena have announced a collaboration! They are bringing characters and content from Ragnarok to Free Fire. Any Garena player out there should be glad to know that the Ragnarok-themed content will be coming on March 11. New characters from Ragnarok are available for purchase starting March 13.

assassin cross ragnarok online
Assassin Cross in Ragnarok Online

The collaboration will feature a number of cosmetics and items. Players can either purchase or try to earn them for free when playing. The Ragnarok-themed items will let players dress their characters up in outfits related to the game like Porings or Assassin Cross. There will even be a Mr. Smile Mask coming to Free Fire that even those who haven't played Ragnarok before would enjoy.

For this collaboration, there will be a "Give your friends a Poring Hat" event for your friends. If you had someone who hasn't played Free Fire in a while, invite them to log back in. When your friend receives your invite and goes online, they can earn these silly pink hats.

Why Ragnarok x Free Fire?

poring hat free fire
The Poring Hat in Free Fire

Harold Teo, the producer at Garena, has this to say of the collaboration: “Creating memorable Free Fire experiences is a priority. Introducing relevant content that our players enjoy – through this Ragnarok collaboration – does just that. Ragnarok is well-loved by our communities across the world”.

“We see similarities between Ragnarok and Free Fire, as both of them prove to be a favorite across generations of players, all over the world," Harold Teo continues, "Free Fire is one of the most played mobile games globally, and we believe the in-game inclusion of Ragnarok’s beloved favorites will be enjoyed by many”.

The Ragnarok collab is not something many expected. But it is not too surprising since Garena doesn't shy away from doing quirky things to advertise their game. After all, they made a whole rap song last week ahead of an upcoming event.