Find someone to battle with for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, by joining the Free Fire Valentine’s Party event! The event runs from February 5th 4:00 IST to February 10th 3:59 IST. Valentine's Party will showcase a special mode and many unique items you can win by joining this event.

Free Fire Valentine's Party Calendar

Valentine’s Party features a number of challenges which the player needs to complete to win rewards. Many of these challenges are from the Duo Mode to indicate the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. Remember, find a partner to play with and both of you can earn some unique goodies. Now, let’s have a look at the Event Details for your chance to grab the exclusive Valentine rewards:

Free Fire Valentine's Party Event Details

  1. To earn the Paradise Gun Box, you will only have to play the Duo Mode for the duration of the event.
  2. From February 8th-9th, play the Duo Mode and earn a Guaranteed Reward crate called Beauty and the Beast.
  3. The Explosive Jump Mode is making a brief comeback as a special mode during this event, from February 7th-9th.

If you are reading this, it means you can already participate in this event, and earn the Paradise Gun Box with a friend or your Valentine. Also, the Explosive Jump Mode is available to play according to the official Garena Facebook account. This special mode will be testing how well you can blast your enemies with the MGL-140 while jumping around in the aptly-named Jumping Shoes.

OB20 Update

Free Fire OB20 Update

Last but not least, the OB20 update for the game will feature appropriate Valentine-related themes. For example, there will be a heart-themed lobby as well as a heart-themed skin for the plane. Don't forget that other goodies will come in the OB20 update. For instance, the update will feature the Shield Gun that can shoot and protect the player at the same time. There will also be an interesting new addition to the character roster named Steffie, who can use her graffiti to reduce damages.